Fine day.

A fine day.
Don’t park on the clear way.
Yoga and life lesson.
As they lessen your purse,
I purse my lips and shudder.
Shaking with anger at this community and the rules I fail to abide.
An early failing, a cost, expense, waste.
Throw away, money and everything.
You don’t like this; you don’t like that.
Who knows or cares?
what makes you human isn’t your caring.
I’m awake, aware disgusted.

A passerby the window farts.
The humour that we find in these sorts of things-
reminds us of the ridiculousness of it all.
A return. A word.
Peeled red grapes responds in kind to my unreasonable and seasonal anger.
I have weathered many whilst in winter we lose.
Most have given themselves in kind while Nona passes away.
No pearly gates. Reborn as a fig tress, sprinkled ashes in the back yard.
Vitamins and minerals.
Weetbix and cream.
You’re lean body, wrinkled and worn.
Welcome back into the fold.
And my aggression seers.
No peers, just a community that owes me.
As I owe them. One hundred times over.
No percent of reason can reclaim this owing.
I will take more than my dollar is worth to you.
Pounds of resource.
Rich with tax and poison.
The internal exlumination.
Delineates my mind. Spelling curls, a numberless system.
Mysterious symbol of reckoning.
I will revenge myself-
Locked and stocked.
Parking inspector with your fine day.
Irony will black out your eyes and your parents, pets and children will mulch.
I loathe today. My wanton wish to put a ring around you.
Bayonets leveled. Lids coming down.
Hats and experience welling and seething behind my teeth.
Acoustics ringing, viral and visceral.
No able bodied position for hiding the hatred that eeks from behind my teeth.

The squealing brakes,
Brokering broken fakes.
Crocodile tears that I trade,
Where houses’ lyric is made.
My age of your assassination-
Many known affiliations,
I shrug. Adding one to the list.
A sign, chaos, red sea, hearts missed.

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