Fighting for it

Types of Negotiation:
Contend by standing firm on the issues and expect agreement by the other party conceding.
Concede, you bring the negotiations to an end by agreeing with the other party
Compromise by splitting the difference between ‘wants’ so that you both get something.
Creative compromise, find solutions that add value to issues so that you both gain something but not at the expense of the other party
Walk Away(non-negotiation)

aLl is weLl

All is well in this southern town. Spring has done it’s thing and warm weather floods in like welcome guests at a pool party.

Swapping Spoken Stories

You change to a speaker when their word is used.

Speaker 1: Today
Speaker 2: Hips
Speaker 3: Tally
Speaker 4: Fire

TODAY is an ordinary day, just back from a weekend away with my partner in Maydena. We went for a few wonderful adventures; Junee Caves, Mariott Falls, The Styx and Mt Field East. I was pleased to get some mileage in my legs and begin some light training for the overland track later this year. I remember my HIPS took the brunt of the weight from my pack and that was really the only ailment for the entire journey. This year, we’ll be going as a large group which should be fun. Naturally, more people mean that more can go wrong – but I like to imagine that the fun will be magnified and the joy will increase in magnitude. We will all grow and share in a wonderful experience. I’ll need to TALLY the complaints, for future reference. Then again, it might be best to forget. I know that a different friends groups last year had a significant falling out because of some minor disputes. I would hate for people to clash and not be able to make good again. It’s such a shame that some friendships dissipate, and others are thrown on the FIRE. Some people just can’t survive the crucibles. I’m sure that November will bring fine weather, and hopefully that facilitates feelings of friendship and camaraderie. Between now and then, there’s a few things to organise and some training to do; but for now I’m content to say that this weekend away has been an adventure – full of laughter, exploration and love.

Dead Weekend

A dead few days were these just past.
I sat about and barely asked –
But what I should have thought to myself,
Was along the lines of health or wealth?

Instead a sat or lay in peace.
Meek and quiet under soaring geese.
The jam factory chugged and the farm lived on.
I scrolled, bit my lip and hid from the sun.

Time for tea, neaten, think back.
This life of mine follows any old track.


I read this on the internet.

create the “ideal world” in which hundreds of mice would live and reproduce.
Nope, suddenly not ideal.

This “Paradise of Mice” was a specially designed place where rodents had an abundance of food and water, as well as a large living space.
Good name i’ll admit.

In the beginning, he placed four pairs of mice that in a short time began to reproduce, resulting in their population growing rapidly.
In the “BEGINNING” – really? (also, Incest?)

However, after 315 days their reproduction began to decrease significantly. When the number of rodents reached 600, a hierarchy was formed between them and then the so-called “wretches” appeared.
Who could I make represent these guys?

The larger rodents began to attack “the group”, with the result that many males began to “collapse psychologically”.
Are the wretches the larger mice? Also where is all the poo going?

The females in turn became aggressive towards their young.
Yimmeny-no-nos! Not good, hang in there kids.

As time went on, the females showed more and more aggressive behavior, isolation and lack of reproductive mood.
Less cool

There was a low birth rate and, at the same time, an increase in mortality in younger rodents.
Not a cute statement in any context

Then, a new class of male rodents appeared, aptly named “beautiful mice”. They refused to mate with the females or to “fight” for their space.
All they cared about was food and sleep.

Soon “beautiful males” and “isolated females” made up the majority of the population. As time went on, juvenile mortality reached 100% and reproduction reached zero.
Is it nice in paradise? No.

Among the endangered mice, homosexuality was observed and, at the same time, cannibalism increased, despite the fact that there was plenty of food.
These are two very different points that are completely unrelated but written together in the same sentence which I feel is odd and unfair.

Two years after the start of the experiment, the last baby of the colony was born. By 1973, he had killed the last mouse in the Universe 25. John Calhoun repeated the same experiment 25 more times, and each time the result was the same.

This work has been used as a model for interpreting social collapse.
I’ll need to speak with dad about this…

Ad Title?

Increasingly new challenges for A and B to see eye-to-eye.                                                                                                               

This presents a challenge to communicate effectively given that people… I think that this it true.

I feel that leaders need to be able to navigate workplaces which are made up of people from different backgrounds and upbringings. Similarly, technology is an ever-increasing part of our daily lives and plays a large part in everyday interactions through social media and other channels such as email and entertainment.                                         

Technology provides a conduit for all manner of communication.

Next there is the point of ‘shifting the balance of power’ which seems like an empty statement that asks for a definition as it lacks a frame of reference beyond that of a ‘leader/follower’ or master/slave dynamic.

The struggle and consolidation of power is ongoing, but stems from legitimacy, of which there are three kings.

These provide a basis for which we can use to situate the different kinds of legitimacy for those in positions of authority and power. Similarly, if we look at leaders we might consider how they influence people, and why people choose to follow.

I think that the idea of leaders becoming weaker and followers becoming stronger is ridiculous. There are different types of situational context which encourage different leaders and leadership styles.

A leader is someone with desirable knowledge, skills, attributes and abilities that play a unique role in any situation whereby an individual demonstrates a competence that others lack. Not only this, but leaders are able to bring out the qualities of their group members and unite them in a collaborative team.

Understanding the diverse motives of each group member and being able to communicate a shared purpose in any situation can unify and help people contribute. Ultimately, technology is a platform or megaphone for sharing ideas while culture presents a variety of individual and collective differences in belief, behaviours and slanderous-Lazarus!
–son of gun.

The Baum Swangler

You might hear it late at night.
Or catch a glimpse in the fire light.
But the Baum Swangler never reveals itself in full.
Because most days you’re away at school.

You parents battle it when you’re asleep.
As do friends in the back of their jeep.
Perhaps you’ve seen it’s pointed tail?
Or run in fear as the moon went pale.

The howl of the Baum Swangler is a guttural growl.
While the smell of it’s feet are fishy and fowl.
Next time you’re alone, without mate or phone.
Shhhh – listen for that irregular groan.

Its hard to tell if it’s pleasure or pain –
What you’re probably hearing is the Baum Swangler’s refrain.
That’s all we know, of the creature for now.
Be careful, watch your back – it’s as big as a cow.

This snowy Sunday

Nothing had rolled in yet. Which went against what the weatherman had said. No rain, nothing. For no particular reason the clouds had held themselves at bay, swelling at the summit of Mt. Wellington.

I’d oft look up at the comfortable rock, watchful and appreciative of the every present lump. Resting like hips under snow white sheets. The Lady, surrounded by dragon’s breath. A veil of smoke and mystery, vanishing yesterday in a shroud. The horizon muddled into a grey of anticipation. This snowy Sunday, i’m going for a run.


Recently someone asked me: ‘Have you followed a servant leader?’
I answered, ‘Not that I can recall, no’
Then they asked, ‘What was effective (or not) about their approach?’ 
Then I said, ‘Are you listening to me? I said no I have not followed a servant leader’.
Then in class, coincidentally, the same question came up, and to ‘do my best’ I just made something up.