Sugar addict

[2:44 pm] We use words we know to describe things we don’t.

We might well be living in a simulation. A world designed by another. We might well be playing The Sims, in a simulation, designing things that are not our own. I am sympathetic. It’s a bit awkward. We will be ok. But give me some sugar first.

The cold shudder

The most disgusting thing. I sat down, with a large colourful mug of hot chocolate. I’d put honey and sugar in, to make it sweeter than usual. I was cold. Cold and tired. I though that the sugar might keep me awake, while the milk might give me a stomach ache. My feet were freezing. Perhaps she shirtless day in the garden had caught up with me. Or maybe it was something to do with the painfully large serve of kale I’d eaten. It smelled of marijuana somewhat, as I chopped it up and threw it into the pot with oil and onion earlier. I threw a blanket over my knees, and forced myself to relax. The pain in my chest had moved to my head, a gentle throbbing. A feeling of anticipation, cold feet and a wonderful book to read, if only I had the drive. I sat back, read a page and then went to sip the ho’-cho’. To my surprise, dismay and momentary disgust I wiped the skin off the top of the steaming milky beverage. A dark layer of protein, phlegm like and unsweet lolled and then stuck to my chin. The grossness of it all struck me in such a way – I worried that my only respite would be bed. I resolved to warm my hands and never become a cannibal. Sickened and slightly unsure if I’d be ok in the short term.

What kind of boss

What kind of boss are you? The big boss? A little boss? Some kind of middle boss? And how about your feet. Do you wear shoes? I hope so. And what about the ends – yes I’m talking about your toes. Because as we all know, they tell us all we know. If they’re not, perhaps we’ll trod, but goodness me a lightning rod should someone step on those.

Tool world

Mrs Masters pulled out the top drawer as far as it would go and then some. It came off the sliders, bumped over the internal stops and came crashing to the floor. Banging loudly and spilling office supplies everywhere, the stringy black and grey bun could be seen by the other teachers bobbing up and down as she picked up pens and rulers and paper lips fussily. In the surprise and fuss that followed, Mrs Masters entirely forgot that she was looking for he red letter opener.


Carol sang in front of them mirror each morning as she brushed and plaited her hair. It was only weeks since her and Mark had split up. The wounded feeling still throbbed in her heart and made it difficult to enjoy simple things like eating or catching up with friends. An old colleague from Wisconsin had reached out to her, after they’d seen her in the supermarket a few days earlier. They hadn’t recognised, and pulled over in night time traffic, almost into a ditch, to send her a message. Carol wore her dressing gown and sighed.

Unsent letter

Upon reflection, I should have arranged and paid for the car to be serviced in June immediately after my road trip. If I’d lent you the car in better condition, it would have been less of a burden. I left the maintenance and upkeep for you – all the boring and expensive parts of owning a car – these should not have been your responsibility, and I was not clear in writing what needed to be done. As it stands, I received the car in poorly condition – perhaps only a little worse than the state in which I left it with you. Had it been serviced again (instead of for the first time) in November, these current circumstances may have been avoided. Stranded in Deloraine, with a car that overheated to the point of critical failure. I have only myself to blame for leaving it in your care, whilst needing attention. I have learned a valuable lesson today.


While many of these ‘wins’ are operational in nature, these should be seen as a testament to my attitude and ability to collaborate; and not viewed as limitation of skills or attributes.  While I have worked diligently and coordinated with various departments and divisions, planning and executing a variety of tasks simultaneously, I feel that my skills and expertise should be put to use and to greater effect.


Skills in market segmentation (knowing your audience), and reviewing what works (being honest and self-aware) are vital components of the marketing ecosystem. Information sessions that consider attendance, monthly website google analytics reviews, and the tracking of engagement (through clicks) with different media blasts, at different times, ensure a feedback loop which ensures our student cohort are aware of the opportunities we work hard to deliver.

Poem for her

Times to cherish and prize

Trying to take my time each day, yet still sand passes – in its regular way. Dunes pile up and then vanish from sight, paying no heed to darkness nor to light. It’s Wednesday then Sunday in a blink of an eye. Where an orange sun sets in an unknown sky. No treaty is in place with the passing of the hour. It moves without a trace, like the sprouting of a flower. So when I hold your hand, and I close my eyes. Don’t misread my tears, my love, these times to cherish and prize.