I awoke

Whenever I read something out-loud, the people around me, immediately stop listening.

That was the fist line a book I picked up, just last week. It was awful, but I read on because I’d been told it was a classic.

‘A useful part of the canon’

‘A masterpiece’

I awoke, it was Thursday. My eyes were puffy from the combination of drink, sun and sleep. I felt like I’d been parked-into myself. Bumper to bumper in my own body. The smell of Aaron burning crumpets downstairs told me it was just before 9am. We’d both be late.

The goose

There it was!
All temperature and temperament.
The Slight, Sleight Goose.
It stood and argued the firmament.
Feathery and obtuse.
Just because.

Haut Monde

The highest of high society was called to order on the first day of the month, February 2021. Many had perished in the fires and the flood that proceeded. Tropical storms had ripped right though the quaint town south of Barbados. A tumult, without relief for twenty six consecutive days. Electrical poles were ripped from the ground by strong winds that suspended and slung about debris like it was in an underwater vortex. Gravity seeming to ebb and flow at whim. The eye of the storm conveniently situated itself overs Parchfield manor, a white two-storey gettaway, for the white haired and weary hearted governor of the neighbouring Barbados. Being on holiday at the time, to escape the heat of summer and an investigation from internal affairs. Prayers of many languages could be heard in muffled sobs, perhaps coming from inside the manor and under the wooden staircase. The Manors occupancy had risen to bursting point, as if it were an ark upon the sole hill of salvation. Many of the irregular tenants were of either a political or intellectual background making up the greater portion of the day to day haut monde. This would be the governor’s very own renaissance as the front door burst in from it’s hinges in a gust that seemed only to re-double in force. Bodies were flung everywhich way as clinging hands gave way and people found themselves sliding down the hall, out the back door and into the neighbouring field. Fragments from stained glass windows mixed with ordinary wood-chips in the filed and the grass shoots bent and bounced without pattern.

Been awhile

I’ve broken my collarbone.

Dad says: Broken legs are worse

B says: I’m pregnant.

A says: I have a new motor bike!

One shouldn’t compare. It’s all news. Relevant. Now I sit about, right arm in a sling. Wishing I took it a bit slower, careful. Paid leave is a blessing – working away, accumulating time off if anything goes wrong. And now it has, bone mending time. Some scrabble and sitting about. Catching up on old plans, a time to read. Shooting pains, no sports to speak of – maybe a walk and a tid bit of shopping. Destroyed from force, shoulder barging the earth with all my might. Swapping positions with my mountain bike over a gradual set of sweet jumps. Rookie mistake, trap for new players. And now I can’t sleep comfortably, pained splintering prickles in my skin.

If you don’t say it

Blue brain. I think a thought, I suppress it. Not press, it doesn’t go live. Nothing is issued. No print. No headline. Just a void, the rhythm is disrupted in my thoughts, the response that should have been. The freedom of hot air.

What why what?

One example that has nothing to do with curiosity, but self-assuredness: During a discussing with Jassy, there was strong opposition towards Bezos’ ideas prior to Amazon releasing their Kindle line. Jassy was arguing that Amazon were not in a position to develop and distribute their own electronic products. Bezos would not budge, but appreciated and acknowledged (later) that these were vital elements of resistance from his followers. As the divergent opinions meant that the decision needed to better considered and robust. It helped Amazon to avoid costly mistakes and plan better in advance. It also sent signals to other staff that their opinions mattered and their feedback was useful in ensuring the vision was shared and pitfalls were avoided. Furthermore it laid down a precedent of future decision which would be a collective effort of ideas and action. ​

Sandwich Language

Positive and negative feedback, that’s my jam.
Its your bread and butter and now you’re in a pickle.
Spread out.
I’m a happy little vegemite.
Peanut butter jelly time.

Fighting for it

Types of Negotiation:
Contend by standing firm on the issues and expect agreement by the other party conceding.
Concede, you bring the negotiations to an end by agreeing with the other party
Compromise by splitting the difference between ‘wants’ so that you both get something.
Creative compromise, find solutions that add value to issues so that you both gain something but not at the expense of the other party
Walk Away(non-negotiation)