Laying next to the Axum. Let down- paper trails of sick. Pointless mumbling, hilarious angry randomness. The fixation of matter- natter. Shadows identify me. Next to next. What next- such energy of spires and pricks of spite. Spitting nonesense. Talent, everlasting, maybe changing. 

Beach. Respite, despite inspire of this rest. Race and shoulder checking “where are you babe”. A checkout- bottoms, skin, pocketed decent sized, ushering with power. Shady shade. Dancing in the street. Too loud. LUD. Blood sipping, ‘coming at me’. Never again. Laughing guards. The night watch. My eyes close, instinctively flat into the door. Pain, embarrassment, humiliation, pissing yourself laughing at my expense in the line of duty. 

Compensation. Slip it. Take it, fall, fart and penguins slides no rest for the sack man. Always looking for a sick man. A suck man. In need man. Wasting, iron mouth. Lead love vampiric retro. Slipping on blue blood. 

Pistons fuse my mouth, and clout shourds my eyes- fluttering beneath flying lashes. Many, hated and holy holding moments. No business, both ways. Renegade, cavalier. Struck out lights. Come after us. Say my name. Hustle. Hope and sink deep in your prayers. Axe my heart and cross our wires. I’ll let you tell me things I don’t want to hear. Baby. xo


Colour of rent

Walking home on an immaculate day.comfortable, smiling happy.Passing that summer girl. In a dress to suit the day I think later, maybe.

Because I looked her in the face and held her gaze; smiling. No teeth, just right. It’s a nice thing. Give people nice things. Her scent, mellow and sweet. I appreciated, thanked in

My head, my heart. Smiling, laughing as only moments before in the wide open, under the sun. I’d farted. 

Sweet summer smiles as you pass me by and I appreciate, wonder, think and apologise. 

My knee hurts. My eyes ring. Silence and numbness. Life isn’t fair. Jobs, objectives- work and tasks and asking. Never ending wants needs and riding direction. 

Promise me an end- skill less menial tasks. Teach me and I’ll learn. Focus, watch wander and want for hope of heavy hearted hold ups. Meal skill. Skipping lungs with buttered pancreas. Luck of remedy my lady, he swollen punch drunk lips of wining face. Abuse sprays as my blood, wrists slit for sluts to share with chaos brilliant red. Rich nothings not spilt. Lemon tart of my lips as the day fades and my spirits are broken. Remember when you said that’d be the day. Suited eccentric. Hope of stokes broken and all you really do is abuse the woman inside your heart. On your tongue, in your eyes. Gouged shouting strangeness arranged in cloven dispositions. Hard packed understanding as dense as crushing decay. Cars and fuel inject disillusionment into my sphere of lost pages. The boy- hope, dreams and all that’s special slip away as the Nile of tears paddle my face. Clipping shuddered breaths. Clopping shoes, from feet slap rigid marks across hides. Punching destroying something beautiful. Like silence. Defeated, naked. Rigid Fucking lines of redness. Princely feather of my plucked out eyes. Iris, girls. Lovingly I lose myself. “At least my hair will grow”. The curtain of my world. Sorry- goodbye.

Sun spots

In the sun,

The open air. 

Tactful L

In underwear.

Under roof

Sheltered rain

Writing down

With sweet refrain.

And we rush as we rush and we rush. Gushing running waiting, timing looking hating stressing.

When does become internal? All of this, staring at the mountain. There’s a low hanging rainbow, the deep set cloud masks and hides, retreats and excites.

Others are worrying if they’ll get a ticket. Thanks.

Thank everybody. I’ll pay, you’ll pay we’ll all pay you back. What’s inflation and interest if not the wheel of risk and predictive text. Trends and touch points run rings around us as bandits on the walking track materialise in their many different forms. We’re safer than ever- pay your way. Ears, eyes, forsoothed my tongue. Tongs clench at bumping hearts gripping and rallying screams as we wrench apart. I reach out to you, embarrassed and hating my needs. I cast the dice by stepping out. Amongst the birds, the gypsy folk-lore tells of crippled dragons and King Eagles. Running feathers down my back – to shiver and reel away from all I see and hear. Feel.

Feel that tension, unexpected, jaw clenching ticklish-mess. 

Meshing pleasure with other things, beware as breath comes short and teeth grind. Tearing eyes weep silent reflective thoughts, bliss of movement and stretched limbs- a yogic OM passes you by I the form of a car exhaust. You tire, and the sun blares down. Rain stopped. Hos the book? Dawkins is rich with ideas, so wonderful- down he ro-and-rows articulate moving notions. Riddling currents with me and you and our shared beliefs. Tolkien’s Niggle paint our meme of knowledge. Capacity for symbols become meaning interjumbled. Chaos and porridge rain illness with digestion. Burping flavours reminisce and predict. Laughing giggle-loops threaten as I hinder thenthreat. Stoppage. Clasp, breathe don’t vomit. Hold it in. When does it become internal? my… Absorbed. Feelings and sickness. Vomit in a towel and keep going. Unwashed- crying skull of tears. Arris arrivals of chapped lips stop trains and strangers. Suicide flux, pacts of deathly self reprisal, repose of a rose picked and plucked, petal fuels my gruelling struggle onwards. Words from

My mouth. Exinternal. Eternal Co2 canister. Insecure suffocation. Zip tied lips and Velcro feelings; bind us. I’m out of town, sneaking out the red doorways, forward to lift. Glass tinted removal. The villain of seeing this beach for the first time. Accented, deaf. Whole dug. Below, sharp immaculate ! nOt innaccurate crispness!!!! Right to business. CRISPINNNNNNNNNN. Protege moi. Read, wright. Alleviate, shoeless style sickles sickness barbarism, China southern. Money invention- fake riches bail out. Why can’t I do that?


Fidd.Fed cool.
Feed. Fear. Fer. Verdant.
Hair, curling, whipping. Loving.
and it all goes, and the sun blows.
All flailing, russian down.
prince flown.



“don’t you worry about that”
I rented out our house.
You vomited,
You feel pain.
Don’t you worry about that.


Red line – A bus to nowhere new.
Science Po crastinate.
Masticate. Think on ritual death and freedom’s hot blessing riddles us.
Riddled. Riddled. Riddled with Aids.
Death defying.
Poo crastinate. Something to do. Shit.
Shell shocked, spittle dribbling down red cheeks of flax.
Seed stuck and tasted like lost oils or hair and frying pan.
Gemstone crazy. Glinting eyes, procreate closeness.
Speak. Interpol and the old gesture of remembering something I used to use.
Normalcy in society.

Looking forlorn.
Two white walls.
Forming a corner
We can see the stars.

Without eachother we are barriers.
Closed and in the way.
But when we meet-
Closed becomes interlocking.

Promise me you’ll always remember, you’re braver than your smarts think.
Aye. Eh?
Pulling out the sounds that are so awful.
Patronise I will.
To mean that i’ll frequent your establishment in kindness, that will always betray my position of superiority.
Strangely so, so the same.

You’re supposed to be here in two minutes.
Where are you?!

Next tear- you will see.
Blurred hot, running free.
Frightened hurt gravity.

A Tee-Pee.
Minus the Tea.
Is just warm undrinkable liquid.

Hello darkness my old friend.
It depends how wet it gets.
How wet you are. Success, catches, tiredness and pregnancy.
Lost moving and a draining tiredness.
We need to go to the beach or something. You’re flat, tired barking and sick.
Shut the fuck up shut the fuck up.
Run away. Die, bit my feet and my fetid foot with fuck you up.
Coming down like timber. A crumbling howl escapes your jaws.
Relax into the crushing feeling. Destructing reigning down.
A perfect storm in a tea-cup.
Come to my place?
Bone china, little fragile hands shake.
And your howling stops – never again to start up.
Crushed. Killed. Destroyed.
Barking mad.


Only do a job if you can do it well.
Starting is the hardest.
You’re back you’re back.
I’m lost in thought and happy to hold you.
In my arms, like the bare farms, or cardless diceless faces.
Landing and flipping- cutting luckily to the point.
Sides beside reside confide in hope.
RESUME when work asks how you are.
We flirt with flighty ideals. The push and pull of
-you could do better-
Oppon. The one headed coin, two headed luck.
No shower can stop this degree of sitting.
Side splitting, hitting lost remitting mittens.
Having kittens with how my plans shift so much.
Munchy lost returning wattle of the grey scaled lust of other worldly possession.
We wait for what could and could not be.
reinforcing out hearts and options.
Falling hard. On our knees, our arms outstreched.
Covering eyes. Tired hopeful feelings of trust.
No abandon will cover how we have felt in the past.
Armoured resilience.
The job that needs doing.
Pregnant labours of lusting collection.
Sheets of red, pallid cold showers bleed in the past.
Fast felt obsessions run riot over my shivering body and the rules make no sense.
I’ll shout and lie and tile.
Roof of houses, floors and knees.
Baby please, listen to my integrity.
The sharp end of it all is lost on you and me.
I’m growing –
around, out away, alone. Heaping heartless folds.
Crust of crayons ebb with torn halves of peaches.
Features and benefits of my studies escape me.
The stolen lives of academics as they posture and play at some otherworldly-
hardworking green, moulding myrtle.
Mass death aids our foreign contingency.
A seriousness of the ritual.
Passing on from age. The time is upon us.
Daily birth, and self worth. Finite timeframes gloss over our plastic snap frozen limbs.
Swarthy. Lickless.
Curt assesment of sweating limbs-
Showing out guts gone von.
Vulnerable but I didn’t tell you the plot at the start.
The style shifts.
Tell them what you will tell them.
Tell them.
Then tell them what you told ’em.

Time licks. Radiant. Wallowing.
Screaming cartoon. Frazzled hair-
and a head guzzling midriff.
middle drifter.
Are you free for a walk?
A proposal we all want.
Access, love in kind.
Pieces of lemon, segments and rind.
Findout what it is you want.
Lust over and be OK.
Perhaps I am nothing after all,
the centre of the universe.
The only matter that makes this disembodiment real,
unfathomable flowing into circumstances of other.
Strange, bare, irrelevant outsides.
revealing cards of red and black.
The saboteur –
I never was any good at that, no choice of role.
Just thrust into it. Between two rocks.
A bun, chummy and cordial else lost in the bush.
Flush with envy and chaos. Annoyed at formula and irreverent of all else.
Psycho trope executed, you never know what you’ll get.
get yours. up yours. flawed. floored.
lusting garden gnomes. Dicking digging stealing. Hearts and breath.
And here I am, possibly misunderstanding, definately misunderstood –
probably a sociopath.
Psychosis ahoy-
This melancholic boy
Badly bitchin’ math.