Far you’ve come!

How close are we really? How privileged…
Looks like text, not you. 

Interactions in person. 

Everything is text- 

I get it. 

But I don’t see you here. 

Beside me. 

Or do I? 

Mm – in the text. 
We’re all alone in life.

No we aren’t!

Two significant women arguing their way into and out of my life.
Smells such as perfume, clean, “alive” are different. To be alive and clean, spotless, untainted, pure: White. 
I saw a guy and a young kid riding along. The kid was freely asking questions, the older guy, bearded, dark features, was telling him: “sure I do jumps, I don’t really get scared except of the ones I’m unsure about”.

Why isn’t that kids at play? Unsure of most things somehow expressing themselves through action?

Yesterday was an A day. Apple, apricot, almond.

Tomorrow will be a C day.

Pho- weddings. 

Noodle weddings. 

Dicks only?

Women, soup and juice.

Warm, hot. Renewal fresh
Faux- false. Breaking binaries. Boundaries.

Phone as portal.

Scratch and sniffs.

Physical deliveries.

Black whole. 

Toilet service. Crap into your phone.

Gas mask

Hypodermic needle

Nail file


Needle and thread.

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