B Side

Today, be beside yourself.

Have broccoli. bakedbean, beef broth with basil.
Turn blue from the cold, wonder about hot water bottles. Go to work, sneak under the radar, try and do some good work. Worry about all the things that need to be done. Feel fright, torment. A tug of war. Tragedy.

Don’t receive calls. Ride your bike, run every day. Go to the toilet. Go from random house to random house. Lock your doors.
Think about the book you meant to lend.
Hide hide hide. Spend spend spend.
Wait for insurance. Share the basics.
Alphabet ingestion. Think logically.
Speak in sing and song.
But when the lights go out, and the cold sets in. When you have no heat in your heart. That’s when if flips-
To the B side.

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