writing as a best expression of the human mind.
writing and speech as a binary is off.

How can we get the most out of you.
What can I learn to do.

Repetition, banality.
Beige. I need to write, to read, go free, organize groups of folks.
ask honest questions. Spend time. Wonder, feel comfortable.
Lay down, eye drooping, in a dark room and just chat.
Catch up, let the tired mind unwind.
And shoot the breeze.
Worry about nothing, pamper and think and mingle and ensmesh.
Mesh minds. Matte, new bedsheets and rest.

Clean spotless. COUP.
Munchkins and younger brothers.
Good groups of people, coming together, living and loving one another.
Beers and my headache. Rocks and sock and box.
Anger, and abs and the alphabet of food and my body and my mind.
Try ice.
Just give up.
And looking back and linking depression with the run-on of all these other things. And what people want and expect and ask for. And I just close down everything. I hide and say and wish for nothing but to be alone, do my work.
Read. Uninterrupted. People as dangers. Event. Happenings. Thoughts and the time I will give people. Least to love. Most to shout. Want to wish. right to passage, through time. EVERY. And the whiteness of the world. And there it all is, and my radio. Radio silence. Endocrine blood of brittle brine.
Cactus wellingtons of carnal cranial punctilio. Rude solids of chaos.
From the future, dentistry’s damage. Animalia and the language of twinkle-twinkle little star. How we all wonder and work on nonsense unbounded would wind winking foundry.

Tomorrow’s a B day.
Bliss balls

My Head Aches.

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