I’magine CD

The night for C. As it moves into D. Chocolate, could couscous curry chicken cup of chino cashews capsicum, cheese, cucumber and chocolate. How’s that for date night, Donoghue donuts. Devices of commentary. Shift of midnight. 

I’m awake, so awake. I’m wired, so wired. I’m alive, so alive.

Imagine if you could speak every single language under the sun. “Then you could be misunderstood by everyone..”

My mind is like an octopus, squashed under an army boot. Nobody wants to deal with and of it. A slick and slimy mess under a resentful rule of primarily primitive thinking. I am forced to submit. Tentacles reaching, helplessly. 

The future lies in phones: Phone apps for blood test. 3D printing. Food sent via phone. 

Truth lies art is what you can get away with.

My question to you? – having sex. You’re trying to get ‘there’, together, but how is choking for you? Fear sexdeath & natureculture. 

Some of the things in this world were not made for me. 

Dystopia. Dyscomfortable

The dollar bill. You bill people. Why they work for it, what they owe you. What you owe humanity. Debts are constantly falling to your feet. Bowling you over. The meaning of BILL. 
Bill. It was always my goal to write


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