Thoughts: brains and bodies, there is no separation. There are only bodies.Everything that registers is a sense, which is received through our bodies. 
People cutting themselves. 

Vs cultures in Africa. It’s ok!
God is dead.

Romance is dead.

Worrying is dead.

Saying hello is dead.
Suicide if a friend in Melbourne. 

Moved to Perth for a job with his wife. 

Lost his wife, lost his job. Killed himself- his son lost a father.
Magazine title : fæk.

Dyslexia proof.

One portrait per-person.

On the back we right the truth, an emotional reaction to face, hatred, love and lust.

One page. Double sided. 

Floral. With male and female nudity. 
The computer switches on- out of the blue. My head hurts from dehydration. Food tonight, so rich, emboldening. As I lay, without underpants, on the floor. 

Back and neck hurt. No massage will cure. Ooooh, ouch owe. Ohh-eeeiiik.
Books. Vonnegut. Siddartha.

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