Right and wrong

Do you know the stars? Only when I look at them.-that which truly rings. Tears coughing. Choking us.

“Protege-ing.”Every child, son of a young man must write his father’s autobiography.

Father as success.Moving on, nature, betterment.

800dollars for the car. “Nick and Nick” some things were left off. Fucking service done wrong, fraudulent. An that’s how you die.

Niki, tell me why you got so cold o me. You changed, made plans, rescinded, unminded, dissected, turned away. Slept with someone else? Just left me- for what reason. So cold in France. You say you’ll throw caution to the wind from your car: I saw “pardon”. 

I joke at the wid stealing your voice. Say it again you proud fucking wretch. Sin again. Break me as I wish to wrest you. Merciless. Mercy me. Price paid in full, for my love an any old entertainment will do. Old sitting time, want for company. Caution to the wind indeed, your red hair. My anger, your loss. People chipping away at me. Me needing new shoes. Shine in, shine on.

Complex games played, heartbreak in France and I smile now at your anxiety over sex. Neurotic woman, “you’re good at that, through quaking lips” fuck you fuck you fuck you!!! A silly boy. Loss and love versus all that lust. 

Blankets and turning in, and wrinkles become me.

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