The opposite to fixed

Broken. Prefix.
Affix! abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.
The alphabet doesn’t need to have an order.
we learn the model through song. Through flow, repetition.
Why can’t i spell happiness. Double P right? Double N? Double S?
We need to deconstruct P.
We need to deconstruct happiness.
We need to deconstruct the housewife.
We need to question: “what are you doing”.
I need to go home.
I’ve been asked inside by two ladies, asking me if I wanted to have cups of tea. Code word tea. And one that “threw caution to the wind”- but I didn’t hear the proposition. writing 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Left to right.
Then write to left.
Writing instructions for a dancer to follow from text.
a recipie for disaster.

Alphabet “elemeno-pee”
Limitations of and on women vs access.
Death; I think I can cure it.
Difference -> Differance.

Very telling.
Coins stacked up, they are beans.

‘a’ true.
Not true.
un true.
de true
pre true
dis true

Cut the mustard. Biblical.
The garden of Eden.
What’s the deal? What is the ideal?!
1limited convention.
2Acts push out the circle
4the household as a scary place for strangers to visit”mad-hatter”

Perspective. Truth exists.
Postmodernist: every human interaction is a transaction.
Freelance//Transaction//OUTSOURCING –> Testing how?

Play, thought provoking.

Fun over Easter?
Myself, Sam. Collaborative. “The notebook”
Between turns we stretched. Several pages. Stop first (he said)

Answer to anyone’s anything:
“Who are they didn’t they kill themself?”

Title to feminist autobiography:

There is no time like the present.
‘The lover’s discourse’.

1future person being
2feel the effect presently
3shifting things though we experience lag.
HIERARCHY 101, Error 404.

Fellow feeling. Empathy/Sympathy.

The woman sublimates herself to the feelings of others and is therefore oppressed by the conventional society she assembles and unfortunately keeps.

Imagination. EDUCATION -> Feminism.

A-funny joke by Neither Neither
The judge hit his gavel, and his wig was orange..
Maths and humour.
Should have made his co-efficient ‘x’
Then it would have been a dirty joke.

Find that percentage of people, 17% that will listen, nod and change their mind. The believable, thoughtful sum.
The body of predicated, pleasured, privileged; en masse.
The origin of happiness.
The wantneed few.
The twinkling eyes.
Sudden blinking brightness.
The two headed Tasmanians, love seeking. Two-headed. Erginomically.
Why are we doing this? We don’t need it, we have able and brilliant minds; capable of playing and creating in freedom.
I take away so much from these. You know that right.

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