I don’t know


As for “true meanings”, I’m going to take the low road and say that we-as-readers attribute value and meaning to language in a subjective way. Words in their connection to meaning is arbitrary

I agree that when we’re talking binaries there is a more “privileged” of the two, and the “lesser off”. But I feel like en-masse there will always be a historic relevance that taints a word’s associative meaning and this doesn’t have to do with the binary system so much as a different attribution.

An example can be seen in the word “dark”. As its stands in the common psyche, the connotations that make up the network of meaning for the word resonate in a way that brings forth thoughts surrounding the unknown, which is seemingly unfathomable in experience as well as being related to sensory deprivation.
On the surface of it, i’m saying darkness is scary, people live in the light, that’s how our eyes tend to function. One example of dark getting a bad wrap.
(Bring on the fucking: “I get sunburnt debate”)
-This is not a strong argument, yet-

Successfully failing to compare and contrast black & white by listing their respective pros and cons has its ups and downs.
These lefty thoughts are as questionably right as they are wrong, and are blindly viewed in both a positive and negative light. The heavy, dark luck finds truth in the lie of a coin.
Here! The binary of heads and tails mark there, without so much as a trace! This denotes a push and pull, of either life or (“is, is, was”), it death?

This helps boys and girls locate a lost, hindered meaning. Especially when confronted with the two-faced repelling attractions of polarity Batman!

Its a tragicomedy network of arbitrary, misunderstood, meaningless knowledge. Nothing isn’t not as a perfect zero(0) one(1) system, as much as it is a useless tool to utilize for our own tortured entertainment.

Taking the Mic.
Drops mic.

-Bang, Onomatopoeia.

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