Alfred Contagious

I’ll believe it, just to make you stop.

Separate your inner striving from one’s trade.
Teaching is a valuable gift.
Gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.
When we sit with a nice girl for two(2) hours it feels like two minutes.
When you hang it all, it seems like two hours. That’s relative.

How despicable and ignoble was is.
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Sometime one pays most for the things he doesn’t get for something.
Common sense is a collection of prejudice acquired through youth.

God doesn’t play fair,
God is subtle,
God doesn’t play dice.
God is sick.
God is dice.
God is dick.

World Wars will be fought with sticks and stones.

If I knew, I would have been a locksmith. (vitally missing context)
Avoid attributing cleverness to others, not your enemy.
A = success
x = work
y = play
z = keep your mouth shut. zzzzzz

Study zealously, easily lose pants.
Leave elegance to the tailor when looking for truth.
Behaviour should be based on the effects of sympathy, education and social ties.
Did god have a choice in the creation of the world?
Does God observe.
Atomic Energy – Revolutio – Discover of Fire.

Nobody gets Income Tax or yes they do.
Hide your sources said creativity.
If the facts do fit the theory, change your pants.
I think, therefore I never think of future happenings.
Infinite stupidity or just the former?
Wise or foolish?
So much comprehension in the world.
Evolving and solving an existing problem. Atomic Energy and the end of the world.

You cannot prepare for war as you aim to prevent it.
Let them take over.
Nothing but everything is a miracle. Life your choice.

Opposition of ordinariness. Hereditary prejudices, culture fight honestly and intelligently.

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