Boredom and Pleasure

Giant congregations of people under one language.
So many bodies, so many colours, so much free love.
Any race, size, want-on-need.

And she wasn’t impressed by Vietnam.
Its so dirty.

And the other girl and her husband were happy not travelling.
–suppression– They were happy not going beyond the border,
just looking each day upon the same thing as something new.
That’s what we call it. Us, yes. The lost. You, me and Jade.
And we look at them and they’re happy. Ignorance. Unwanting.
Not… not THOUGHTFUL. Just content. Comfortable. Wrapped.
And it makes us sick to think. This capsule wont last. Wont ride.
Out there, THRERE! There are deeper waters. Other shores.
sure. “there, there”.
That won’t cut it we think. They’ll be flooded with regret.
Overwhelmed. Capsized. Flipped. Lots in emotion; “at sea”.
But maybe we’re wrong. Maybe they don’t need to go away like us.
Maybe we need to go away and realize how good we had it…
and they… they don’t. They are just happy. No regrets now,
not plagued with dreams so much as they are happy with things.

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