Sound Mind

I don’t have a sound mind.
Mind sounds
resound and are un-found.
I find I frown,
as I clown around.

Go down, there.
Lost in fear.
Feathers of my mind,
flapping and lost.
Ideas, ideals.
Lost paragraphs-

Revenge me lost mind.
Give me streamlines
Synergy and substance
symbols, syntax, something in time.

Linear. Logical, lovely.
Listing names, date times, places.
A missing comma.
My awareness, drone drone drone.
Anger at my flatness.
My sore back of my arms.

Spelling mistakes-
Miss-struck keys.
Like miss truck,
smaller than others,
a mistake. Minor.
Child, bubbling away.
Brewing beware.
Under the surface of skin.

Skiing the slopes of nose,
eye look but do not see.
The shade I wear make all flags black.
The whites of my eyes, burt with skull and crossed bone.

No appointment for the mole doctor for me.
Very little was done,
I had barely logged in.
And it was all going to pants.
Tap, tap tapping away.


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