Quick day

deep defined:
The etymology is vast and lengthy.

The sign and the signified.

A day of interruptions-
like this.

Evolving cups of tea.

Books purchased (not for cheep)
But you cutn, cannot put a price on education.

Late text messages.
Wants of others.
So so so so so-so, so
so many wants.

The Argentinian peach.

changes made.
Lunch, sitting.

Food lumps and clumps around.
Yoga this morning.
Strange taste in my mouth.

Books and books and books to read.
Bills paid.
decisions about company made,
messages unanswered.
silence is safe, so safe.

Unless something is sneaking up on you;
I suppose.
Lead by the nose.
High society,
walks in the park.
walks in the meadow.
Dew and food.

And now? Hashtag the shit out of it.

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