Just yellow

I had some vitamin tablets. My pee went bright yellow.
I feel dehydrated.
I ran to Maddy’s and borrowed a book.
I thought Rowan’s father died, because we went out to dinner and the waitress mentioned he wasn’t there “you know”, able to make it.
It was Rowan’s birthday.
I bought nuts, and blackberrys and coffee and an ANZAC biscuit.
Flavour > Texture.
Changed my sheets, washed my clothes.
Went to the market, went for a huge run.
Thought of the scams pharmaceutical companies are running.
I have a bit of heart burn.
Played magic cards with Kieran.
he’s a real talent with drawing.
Sam got home, a few beers deep.

I was exhausted today.

A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.
-so you’ve been kissing?!

Shagz sending me a package.

$28.28 to live for a day.
If 5 minutes of life was purchased 20 cents.
(my life as a parking meter) – maths.
Mental issues.

Its something you don’t need.
Laughing isn’t food, but you do it anyway.
Its a reaction.
Less thoughtful/considered than dancing.

3rd March 2017, 22:07
Patrick to future Patrick: over use the word “deep”

Playing a game-
complex project.
natural models.
A plant and following patterns.
How could you follow that unnatural mathematical process.

Questioning the unquestionable with
No good.
ha ha

Also I had a silly thought. One day I will reveal.

-You getting married to Bianca Payne. Both very sophisticated.

-Define the word.

“mum you’re not listening to me”
‘I’d my bum, bony’

Dear Wil.
Its your birthday.
Your room is nice, your bed is great.
Draw a bead upon my face.
You’re welcome-
Honesty friendship.
It all means so much.
Or does it.
Like a pop-shove-it.
Boards and girls and fingers asking.
Poke my eyes and ears,
No masking.
Trusted friend,
I don’t even know.
That old sing song proper-gander.
Emotiocons and burgers.

My stomach lifts, and I think of m
Offending host and girlfriends. Talk of
More of that, less of this.
Free? Miss-typing madness.
My experience of your party.
Do to us. Up to you-
our social
And me defining a social zero.

Your birthday.

The concepts of “Hygge”
This is Hygge – book.
HYGGELIGHT – undefined.

Carly – source.

Old mate, Meditate.

Fuck it i’m going to buy an Argentinian Peach.

ROCKING CHAIR!* for christmas

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