Are steps on sand all you can help to achieve?
Washed away by the water.
You’re endeavors.
But footprints. Small.
But ultimately-pointless.
Worthwhile only to you,
Your group, your memory.

Scripting people..

-What is happiness to you?
What is happiness.. Ah, having a close circle of family and friends.
The freedom to do what you want in your spare time.
The ability you know to travel if you want to.
yeah, I dunno… To get away from it all.
I suppose waking up in the morning you know and just being ready for the day.
Ummmm – yeah farout.
Good question. But what makes YOU Happy?
Spending time with friends and family.
Even talking to strangers you know, just having a chat.
Yeah…. and just like, seeing the world is a big one. Go to different countries, it really changes your perspective on like, what life is like for everyone else and what life is like for you.
(what’s brought out joy in you)
A pretty funny one, was, my little brother was going overseas to Europe. Everyone else was going and I was staying. My little brother started crying, because I wasn’t going with them on the trip. That was really nice, had a bit of a smile on my face.
Hahah – he was absolutely miserable. That was pretty funny.
I feel like I got a huge weight off my shoulders when I quit my degree. In the first place. I was pretty bloody happy, you know I was just coasting. When you’re doing something you’re not passionate about. I don’t know what that is.
When sports teams lose for example, can be horrible. That can shut me down, and put me in a bad mood for the rest of the night. Can be a bit of a dampener, people can get annoyed at me. Haha.
It was nice to know exactly what I wanted to do really, it was a bit of a relief [with uni].
“Are there different levels of happiness for you?”
Yes I believe there degrees ofcourse. Friends, family you know, girls ofcourse above all else. But then there are the little things. Like Arsenal winning. Travelling is pretty up there as well, trying new things.
“Is that because you can look back on where you’ve come from? I used to see the world like this”
Oh yeah absolutely. Definitely.
-Its interesting for example going to 3rd world countries, where people are so poor and yet so happy still! And its just like, money doesn’t really matter.

-So what are your hobbies and interests?
Ok well i’m uhhh. An avid soccer supporter. I love Aresenal, i’ve loved them since I was a little kid, so I’ve watched their games whenever the season is on. I absolutly love watching movies. I have a harddrive with like 4-500 or something. And i’ve watched pretty much all of them. And pretty much everything on Netflix, and t.v. I really like watching how directors film. I mean I don’t know, but just like cinematography, intrests me. Its interesting because its the only artform that encompasses like every other artform as well. Like you’re using music, writing, its really interesting.
What else do I do? My hobbies… I like gaming, that’s good to pass the time, I definately like a bit of world of warcraft. haha. Ummm yeah its good.
Ummmm a bit of tennis every now and again. I spend a fair bit of time with my little brother. He’s nine years old, I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned that, yeah bizarre. We’re actually really close. And its kinda weird living over here and not seeing him every day. But yeah, he’s an absoulte little legend, smart little kid, good fun too. I just bought him Overwatch, like the video game. And he’s a fucking freak. Like so good at it. And I don’t know like, like if he had a little headsett in, surely not. This kid is like nine. But yeah… Ummm…
I guess programming is a bit of a hobby, i still do that in my spare time, its my last semester. I was working on languages that I wasn’t studing in like any of my subjects. Just doing it to get a little bit better, the ones I think are more important, that will progress my career in the longrun. Yeah.

-So Leon what do you do?
Alright, so I work at a sport shop, Rebel sport at the moment working in footwear. Hitting people with sneakers, selling ’em shoes, which is a bit of fun. Get some good people working there which is good, a lot of banter, shit talking, always enjoyable and makes the shifts go a bit quicker. Except for tonight, i’m working with this guy, all he talks about is his car. Every conversation, he ends up just talking about his car, which is pretty frustrating, but i’ve been learning to cope with that. Ummmm.
i’m a student. Umm doing IT at Deakin. Thoroughly enjoying it. Yeah seeing as I’m really a mature age student, but i’m pretty late to start my degree. So i’m not really there to do the same thing most people are you know. Go to uni, make friends blah-blah-blah. I’m really just there, you know to like… go in there, get my degree, move on start working. But ahh… Play a little bit of soccer every now and then, and ahh- enjoy going out with mates. Yeah. Can’t think of anything else.

-Ok so Leon, what’s your Story?
So far you’re from Croatia, aand you lived there for 3 years.
Yeah so my family moved to Newzealand, we lived there in voderua, which is like a little town surrounded by sulfur gizers, which meant it perpetually smelt like farts. Or rotten eggs. And after we’d sort of… Been there for 3 and a half years dad got a new job down in Tasmnaia, dad got a new job working for Forestry so yeah, we moved down there. We moved to Sandy Bay. Moved to the old Wiamea Heights Primary school, spent about 7 years there which was a bit of fun. Which is where I met the people I’ve been introduced to you through, which is quite nice. Ummm, Hutchins for a semester, I had a really good time in Tassie actually. Uhh- Tassie breeds a real different type of people. A good breed, they’re all real innately nice and friendly. Which is good thing, you don’t get that as much over here in Melbourne I feel. But yeah we moved over here went to highschool here, really enjoyed it, it was like a smaller campus for the first 3 years where there was only 30 people in our year level. It was alright everyone was pretty close knit. Then went to a bigger campus for the final 3 years, there was about 300 kids in our year level. Pretty good. Good school enjoyed it. Yeah after highschool suppose went to uni, didn’t really know what I wanted to do, picked up investment banking thinking you know I’m going to be the shark you know i’m going to make so much money Blahhh- nearly finished the degree and just thought fuck this, look at these people like working 100 hour weeks that is not what I want to be doing. And you get no creativity in a job like that aswell. You’re just there like, crunching numbers that’s it. You don’t get very much freedom. Which wasn’t too appealing to me. Bit of a shame that I found out about it 2 years in- haha.
I dunno, I took 6 months off. I was just thinking hard about what I wanted to do, and what might interest me. Did a bit of programming, thought you know this is pretty cool I enjoy this. And you know been doing that ever since, ummm yeah-
That and the occasional beer. Actually quiet frequent beer actually, but yeah hear I am you know.

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