I feel this, I think that

Off to the pool today.
Whelming feeling of watching a person be attacked by a bear.
Trying to write my thoughts of what it is in narratives to go on a journey.
What does it mean in Shakespeare’s day to be a man.
I miss Scotland. Not really, I just think of it sometimes.
No shave november. Meets Mo-vember.
Got deadlines. Lots to think about.
Should probably do some washing. 3pm, coffee.
Yes, yes that will be good.
As my mind focuses, needs swell. Ideas blossom.
Outcomes man, talk outcomes. Coffee blistering ideas.
Pop and burst on the page.
Like acid burning through. Demonstrate the real.
Quote from the books.
Be real.
Try and rattle the cage, don’t suppress your thoughts.
Like the guy that speaks of his car.
Envelop your ideas, have them out!
Havat you thoughts.
Have them marked.
Yes good, convey away young man.
Be fearless. Bear all, grin while you do.
The crazy meaningless, the stresses and strangeness of “IT ALL”.
Let it out, off your back, and be convincing.
Commit, enjoy,

What do you fear:
(The WMC) War Museum Canada.
Tanks, guns, designs, stories and eye tests.
How we kill eachother.
Take over lands. Conquest.
Strangling others wasn’t enough.
How we develop our sickening ideas.
Standoffs. Subtle in the microcosm-
Disgusting in the macrocosm.
Barely holistic.
We are the rotten cell.
Can we adapt, or will we turn into the fungus.
Show me that parallel.
What a strange idea.

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