Found a note

Today’s been my second on my road to recovery.
From being flat and out of it, to reading, writing, jogging and thinking.
Its all OK. “Do your best”. Be realistic, push gently on your way uphill and reward any exertion with water from the sparking stream of bullshit that I am preaching right now. Tone change.

Scribble fun.
The thoughts of you and she!
I had a dream
Smile! (increase your face value) -terrible.

Descartes catches a flight from Tunisia to Ireland, the hostess offers him a drink.
He refuses saying “I think not”, and promptly DISAPPEARS, ceasing to exist. harhar.

Fuck me I just re-read the marks I received for my three assignments. Semantics.
Spelling and punctuation points. Three unprepared essays. 67%. I am fuming.
Fucking bitch.
Don’t forget to do that thing.
Add new folks to the pile
Forget names; remember to sing.

Look after yourself.
Think best thoughts of others.
Soul-full-felt wealth
We wer’all born to mothers.

We share so much in common.
Its often, not a belief.
Rather we sit all solemn
Until “thil” thytruth prove some relief.

Our hearts contract and fade, cordial.
That we drink-
Boiled and primodrial
Bubbles, trouble us to think.


Kinda buzz that lasts for days.
My headache, front, middle left.
Just a touch off the temple.
I am suffering, must re-hydrate.
Let me write how I want!
Dammit man.
She -> Shi.

Send a message to Kaito.
Declan seems OK.
Message Jed + Jon.
(Why?! these people aren’t in my life, move on and grow, we move in circles anyway)
Plan Christmas & NYE.
Decorate room (failure)
Free store (failure)
Sustainability & Liberty.
Read and read and read and blog. Can you taste more Hot or Cold?

Well what do you know.
Do you reckon that you could do gaming on a treadmill?
Physical output meets concentration of gaming/reading.
Double plugged in.
Doubling. Add magnitude.
Increasing value #value ++
Hash tags # make me think of a double +

Talk of the weather,
From this day forward
banished. Link a vid
you didn’t even fully watch. To skim,
importance reduced. Very little
time to see and do it all
and my subconscious fear toward
my conscious recognition makes me deranged.

So I run to parkdale,
A lady I hail, makes me coffee, stale.
Slik wrapped, hands frail, mindful of the sale.
Happy sunshine met female
Set sail, search, for needle in bale.
Sunken beneath needless pail-
to bail covers riddled with shale
Day’s sun pales, winds wail.
Shutters rail, swelling tunes scale.
As time tells a traditional tale.

And my reminiscent critique of a person:

The beady eyed look of the man, furtive, yet narrow-minded. Eyes of a shrivelled brain. Dark, to represent a current I would not wish to wade. “the one with big tits”. Don’t objectify her, don’t “compliment” her; your vulgarity and sexual inferenceis abrassive and sickening to me. You as a host I can barely tolerate. Carelessly testing, why must I suffer you?
A waste, you societal trash.
A sickness, devoid of use.
An imbecile! Offensive to all!
Obtuse, moron beyond degrees.
My head turns!
Self centered, curiously shallow.
Abrasive! Destructive! Hollow-headed.
Crayon wielding fool.
Unworthy of name!
Subverting calm. Interpersonal sham-rascal.
Hospitable not, enjoyable naught!
We are fraught with you, BARNACLE.
I question the day you were salted.
Your parents must have been ill.
Plagued, abuse deserving foods.
Dash your dastardly brain.
Sparkless, fungi.
Hair of the moles of witches.
Creation of the jam between toes.
The sheets of your conception turn green,
a sickened scene, that turns and burns.
I divert my gaze.
You are the mistaken salt.
I wish you frailty, torn muscles and wrinkles.
Not even a life I wish you.
Dwell only to be mulch.
Anon you are from this day toilet.
Stain-cum-shit. Beneath simple.
You are a rope around the neck of all things joyous.
I covet a hatred for how you are.
Everything you be.
Have nothing! Squinting braggart.
Alone, Fie.

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