Try to buy a bike.
Check the deck of cards.
Just kissed the sun
But missed the lights
Waiting now, electric mix.

Saw this guy with a starved dog.
Dog starvers are the worst.

Black and red.
These are the colours of my love for you.
Green and blue.
The stream of babbling youth.
One time here,
Is two times there.
For memories are a painful port.
For once you dock, anchor lain.
Though shores seem lighter,
And whores are fairer.
The jokes maim, already those in pain.

You self assure.
Times of no pressure.
When stores were full
A larder was harder to empty, than fill.
And time aplenty.
A time of plenty-
Fruitfully, choice was will!

Here my cockes, sobbing through.
Hear my soul, six levels of white and grey
Remember tomorrow, all the rue, rue.
Rail against, the time that grew.
Risk the rush and running dismay.
Toil to dust, and wrinkle and ash.
Try testing, fortune bound you will clash.

Cats eye bead black.
Surrounded by yellow.
Jaws bite become’s slack.
Befuddled in the shallow.

And slash.
Gnash and bite.
Fright and cut.
Tooth and nail.
Claw and red.
Red as blood.
True as soup.
Bitter as bile.
And nature sits.
Waits for awhile.
Yellow eyed things-
Twisted and vile.

VERGETARIAN: “I don’t have enough money to buy meat, and the meat I could afford I don’t buy because I value the life of animals above that of the monetary value attributed to the cost”. I’m on the edge of becoming a vegetarian.
But I don’t want to be limited.
I feel like I shouldn’t fuss.
I don’t like the taste of most meats.
I question our methods and morals.
The greater ethical code of killing beasts as if they were made for man makes me malinger and gag.
The hellish drag of taking, without giving back.
I feel that this path has spiraled off-track.
And now that we’ve come this far, I want to turn back.
Is it my fault? Can action take clause.
Can I be the one to find us new shores?

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