Travelling Consciousness

type type.
And I mean, that last night I was drinking.
I was energetic and excited, chatty and making moves.
Shaking hands and forgetting names.
I’m still on anti-biotics. Alcohol was my bane.
Mixing drinks, beer, wine, tomato juice.

-I want to buy licorice!

A poem.

Move to Canada,
Buy the cool guy camo kit.
Pay to go running.

Hold yourself (myself) to a lie.
Fake it.
-To believe in oneself.

My grandma.
“I never met you”
You were the CEO of the company and now you’re dead.
How can I cry at a funeral when I don’t even know you.
I don’t know what you were like when you were 16, or 21.
What were the crazy out-there things you did?
Where is the evidence?
Safe in the idea that only photographs and letters exist.
We had a professional relationship, you and I.

Some people really know how to have fun.
Fun is a perspective. I’m enjoying this chat.
I enjoy your company.
“we could jump that fence and throw bricks at other bricks and still have fun”.
Challenge yourself though.

My my.
My age,
getting old.
Getting gone.

Anger, anger.
Fierce bittersweet anger.
And what becomes?
When time tips over.

Fulcrum, apex.
The fitness of my being.
Why can’t I move things with my mind.
What are these rules?!

The mood created by a candle.
Gemstones and how they are cut.
Made to refract and reflect light.
Create rainbow.
Glint and glisten.
Why is it that we can stare in fascination.
The twinkle of ones eye.
Beautiful glinting orbs and the primal mystery-
that is fire. I sit, spellbound. Fascinated.

Ethical Dilemma.
Getting someone, who asks for money to do something for you.

Visit yellowstone national park! Woooo

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