Ticking along

Things are ticking along nicely.
Accessed my online account, just need housing and accommodation sorted now.
And breakfast.

Yesterday I did a lot of yoga.
I think I need to mix it up a little.
Dehydrated. Not stiff and sore so much as I am feeling a bit blank.
Not so happy to be there.
Not so happy in general.
Not at all, not one bit.

Talked to Megan last night.
I was tired. She sounded excited. It was nice to hear from her, but sad.
I leave next week. Wednesday!
I should start looking to pack a bag I suppose.

I had lamington with Lindsay yesterday and talked to her about energy efficient ways of running a gym.
She talked to me about people talking oddly.
She used the example of a friend saying in a question form “I don’t know why I feel so shit”.
But it wasn’t an actual question.
What do you say? How do you respond (if at all).

I talked to mum about having control over your life.
I said that at any moment you can end your life, therefore any time from now until your death is a gift to yourself.
You cannot control your death, nobody to date has escaped mortality.
But that’s ok.
Don’t let your human brain fear.
Don’t allow your monkey brain to wander.
You are in possession of a human body.
Enjoy it as best you can.
Sometimes its hard, other times its easy.
Spend some time to yourself.
Talk about your thoughts that you’ve had.
Entertain ideas.
Share BUT only out of kindness.
Not to receive insight or be entertained.
You cannot be expecting of other.
Assume not.
Ask, but do not demand.

I think in the future everyone will wear wigs.
I want to own a wig stall.
We will embrace our many personalities,
our deranged nature –
and wear wigs to suit.
Suit our outlook and mood.
Hygienic. Colourful.
Fun and refreshing.

The lamington from Jackman & McRoss was great.
I bumped into Nate.
He’s a good guy and was working on sandstone.
Such a gem.

I met a guy called Adrian,
at Irish Murphies.
He’s a friend of Tim’s.
He’s smart, thin and funny.
With boots, with zips down the inside.
We sat and listened to music.
A guy called Seth.
He was very very good.

The girl behind the bar,
Her name was Maddi.
Everyone’s called Maddy! jeesh.

Heath and I talked.
Tom and I talked.
Rhys’ story about the caterpiller was sad, and revisited.
We talked about the red hot chilli peppers song.
in relation to being fat.
“You’re the biggest crowd I’ve ever had”.
-Sugar, sex, magic?
But I was just sugar and magic (or something)
I laughed.

We were talked to by two really drunk young 22 yearolds.
They wanted to hit on the girl behind the bar.
I said that her boyfriend was here and he wouldn’t appreciate it.
They laid off.
Their names were SAM and PIE.
One was a builder (PIE)
And Sam worked in a warehouse on the eastern-shore.
Neither worked on weekends. But it was a thursday,
I bet their dusty today.
Sam gave me a back rub.
It was wonderful.

Then I rode home.
I told the story of me going into a guy called James’ house.
Weird world.

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