Be there soon.

I’ll be there soon.
What a tune
Music by Calypso
People laugh as though-
Death lungs balloon.

Guitar plays, patience.
Willful waiting playmate.
The blender burrs.
Drowing out words.
We’re all patients.

“People struggle to attribute value to you” – Big Tom

Sarah + Nola at arts help desk.

I care just enough not to ask personal questions. (She was going to the doctor).
Probably out of fear that I’ll worry about her. Life in that sense can be weird, horror of unspoken avoidance.

“I like to watch” – what movie is that from?

Imagine if you could put a ban on people talking about you. Limiting that infomation.

Imagine having no name.

Call me AURA.


Things that enrich you as you gain skills. REAL.

Do you like conspiracy?
Flouride conspiracy
*Flouride + chlorine, the chemical concoction that affects! Effects your middle eye. HA.

Looking sepulchral-
Grim, gloomy, grave.

You’re still so young! Inspiring!
Please, relax in my company.
Share any half valid thoughts that have come to mind. Please.
Give to me. I will meet you.

I’ve not been ‘young boy’ succinct with you.
I haven’t bothered to remember your name.
You are not MY ‘the one’.

How do you prove (proove) that humanity has been there?
Apple stickers.
Coke cans
Shopping Trolleys.

No Country for old men. – Movie
Cowspiracy – movie

Cormac McCarthy – Author.
Blood Meridian.

Joshua Redden – Musician

The over-educated answer to “how are you” is: SILENCE

*muscles for practical strength.

*You are what your friends let you become.
Surround yourself.
|The grey lines become that much, SO much, greyer. 00:03

You’re in possession of a HUMAN BODY.

Be dangerous.
Act, dance, laugh and sing. RUN FREE.
Be an evil genius.
Be a saint.
Feed yourself, poke fun-
raise eyebrows, don’t look at the sun.

Twirl, pirouette.
ON marks, get set.
“I can deep throat, head-”
That’s what she said!
Now sated, shamed and all filled… With regret.

I used to live in a voodoo city.

EMMERSHA – grid iron suit girl. Dark MoFo.

The loner, experiencing sympathy.
Everyone reacts and has so much love to give.
Why not me. Why me! WHY?

To go with the cracked paint photo.
Why can’t things always be the same?

“Harry Pussy”.

Yesterday’s tears.
Today’s hopes
Tomorrow’s dreams.

mindfulness undone.
The present is where you’re at but we all need to look to history to get agrade of what has been done.
Look to the future to make plans.
Fear neither.
Let neither affect you.
Effect the now, don’t miss a moment WITH someone.
When you’re alone- do these things.
But in others company the show is ongoing. Be present.
Hopefully they can jarr you into the moment.
Take your fucking lid off, and love you.

All you need is love-
As long as the crocodiles beneath the surface remain fed.

We love you.
The royal YOU.
“you” humans.
Try out we.
Use we.
Not use.
Youseless language.

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