What is nature?
Can the mysteries of the universe.
The observations of science.
The barriers for entry, be wholly broken down by the
simple unobtrusive(?) reality of nature?

The conincidence that is our basic constructual understanding of so many things.
Circles, squares, triangles. Yes yes yes.
Geometry. Very good idea. Helping us use different models.
Basic signs and symbols to share like understanding and make breakthroughs.

But nature has it all.
Our lucrative definitions.
Cry. Cry out with confusion.
Havoc, the horse. Fantasy beings.
Meta meta meta.
Nice to meta you.
Outer body experience.
interlinking of ALL things.
The one definition of the word ALL.
ALL. Smart. Zoolander 2. Weird, I have a memory but no points.
I didn’t want to talk about this. OR DO THIS.
I am distracted, procrastinatory.

Words with one ‘O’ but sound like ‘OO’.
Move. Prove. What does it mean. English! GADS.
Development. Bare, bear. The significance of the history of words.
Their time line. Fascinating. Yeah. “You should do that at uni”
“you’re funny”.

Types of conversation.
Put something to me?
-my reaction can be thankful or aggressive. But I am, I am sick.
Sick of you. Sick of it. Myself.

The mysteries of the universe unlocked by nature.
The weird and wonderful explosion that we live.
Out of us. Our tiny ant colony. Civiliasation. Arrows all going the same direction. Ingrained. Learnt. Unspoken. Gross.

Lets learn from the stars.
Horten heard a who.
I get it, I believe it.
X-men 1. That too. Bigger beings.
We are green.
We are black.
We are the crystal.
Time, change. Single cell.
Cell enterered another cell.
Define life. we move, we grow.
We have cognition. We have CONTROL over our lives.
We are a force. We can create and adapt and be current.
We are the live wire. We can kill. We can die, go, dragged down to nothing.
Starve. Add the wrong thing, our basic needs are gone.
our life, we are OZMOSIS JONES.
I am blue. Blood without oxygen. I am drained.
We are ultimately in control. Because we all have it within ourselves to selfsacrifice. I’m talking about suicide. Once consciousness.
The ALL. Us. Together. Experienced. Moving forward to what!
That’s ok. Mind set. Share it, own it. Current current current.
Food to energy.
Have a currant, lots of vitamin C.
But what force is at work with the expansion of the universe?
Is it an explosion so much? Or are you being poetic.
Are poets the wordy, wordly people of self sacrifice, vice and arvice and sadness?
Revive me with new thoughts and wisdom.
Life me. Give.
Deregulate and defribulate me.

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