Though Fought

Thor fort?
Forethought. Ah-ay-yes, that thing you just didn’t do.
Think before you speak.
Its a killer.

In the future everyone will wear wigs.
They will acknowledge their many personalities,
their feelings, emotions, wants, needs and desires.
For hygiene! For colour. For excess. Want of being anonymous.
Shaved head –
shaved heads.
And wigs.

Frozen Grapes

Check out Bon Iver on youtube. He’s soulful and carefree.
I like his facial expression.
Versatile talent. Learned.

We played COUP last night.
The game with just the right amount of speed, tactics, luck and chaos.
Advanced memory, with bluffing.
Not so much a domestic, nor a friends ender.
The spanner in the works.
The horror of the imagination.
Behind the door, or the unflipped card.
Lie and lie and lie.

Beyond that I should watch Kramer lose his mind at a comedy show.
That would be funny. He’s a really out-there kinda guy.
And said some really poisonous stuff. -I assume, as I have been told.

The ‘in through the door’ routine is good.
Explosive amounts of energy.
The room abuzz.

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