Jobs done.
My job is done.
I’ve done my job.

I had some jobs that needed doing.
I am sated.
Tomorrow I will need to approach my shift with a clear conscience.
My mother has one year to live.
Time is more important to me than money.
And money remains the main reason for doing this job.
I wish I could have linked the rewards to something deeper.
Something more intrinsic. But I have to look after her.
I have to spend the time that she has left looking after her and stop her bouncing off the walls.
She’s gone to her sisters for this week.
The family is pretty shocked.
So yeah.
Lay down.

Talking about suicide.
With the knowledge you have would you go back and change something?
Can you stop someone killing them-self?
If they can take their own life, would they be able to take yours?
Do you feel safe, having let a person like that into your life?

I masturbate once per day.
That way, freeing myself of those desires;
I can more closely attune myself to
What a jerk off of a name.
Great ideas though.
Interesting to think that you can fulfil your needs out of turn though.

Tonight I watched the Kettering Incident.
It was brilliant!

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