I say:

I say thoughts and ideas;
as ludicrous, horrible or wrong as they may seem; sound or come across out loud.
Sometimes to myself (if nobody else is around).
But other times to the people that surround me.
They think I’m strange.
The thought would have been executed, expunged, shared regardless I’d like to think… out loud.

The tone is what’s important.
Said seriously.
But the content is skew-if.

People raise an eyebrow.
Unsure at the strange content.

People react very differently.
Misalignment in people.
“You’re welcome”
*the topic change*
(The anger/confusion)
-The miscommunication
Questioning looks.
:Are you joking?
:Why would you say that!
+Because I thought it. That’s why.
And thinking something is important.
If it doesn’t agree with who you are,
Who you want to be. Cast it.
Words are fodder.
Like everything.
Break boundaries.
Turn up or down the gradient of your filter.
Show more of your nature.
Be natural.
Casual even.
Release yourself.
Embrace a life lacking inhibitions.
Be a yes and a no person.
Suffer readily.
Be sure of yourself.
Take the hits, celebrate your honesty.
Be praised.
Be different.
Show your colours, your vibrant energy that sets you apart.
Be the connection between the fabric of realities.
By synonymous with the words you want to be, if you can, if you let yourself.
If you’re lucky.

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