After sweat

What are some systems of society that can be ignored without the dearh of a fellow human? Maybe lines at the post office.

To the man that pushed my sister. What would happen if a pleb like you pushed Helen of Troy? I will contextually allow you to write the writ, proclaiming your own death warrant. Social, unmitigated suicide. I spit on you.

I drive through a red light. Kill a young boy on escape-board.

I drive my personal jet out of its hangar and onto the tarmac without approval. A plane aborts a landing and continues to circle. I take off. Take to the air, one parachute and a tank full of fuel. No deaths.

My mother is dying in hospital. A friend calls me, they’ve had a bad day. I neglect to give them attention.

I steal an almond from coles. One singular almond. It was on the floor, to be thrown out I presumed, I pick it up, dust it off and eat.

There’s a music gig on. I throw my bottle of water at the stage, the lead guitarist is saturated and electrocuted before endearing fans.

An artists in the french underground graffiti scene is throwing up a piece when he is clipped fatally by a passing train.

Bryce King cliff dives into a lagoon, accidentally landing on his neice’s collar with his pivvoted knee. She dies instantly.

Paul sits at his computer, that day he has bought a new jumper. He has recently developed an itch which he has not attributed to his latest purchase. He goes into shock while eating M&M’s. Seizuring on the floor his last senses are his shortness of breath and the semi-digested reflux of his last meal.

Steele uses a public toilet, opens the door with an unwashed hand and sneezes. Nobody is there to witness or say “bless you”. Rubbing deeply at a watery eye she hurrys down the spippery white tile corridor whence she came to visit the bathroom. Later that night while she sleeps her eye become infected so badly that she will eventually have a permanent after effect of blindness.

Joel’s taste in men is privelliged. He is rich and an idealist. He never uses protection., though he chooses is,partners quite carefully. One might call hi,m frigid or even proper the first few encounters. One night he is celebrating a work mate’s wedding, drinks are free. Strange because usualy that would n
Mean nothing to Joel. He can afford his own drimks, as many as he’d ever want or need he reminds himself. But tonight he goes ho,e with a woman called Joanne. He jokes that the could form a progressive music group called Jo Jo. They sleep together for many reasons. Company, excitement, the mood was just right. The both have a thrilling yet hazey encounter.

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