What drives me to do what i’ve done.
Use of language.
A toastie.
History of words.
Farewell to dad, chatter with mum.
Tea and tea and cups of tea.
My sister arrives home with important news,
Success and stories.
Father is pre-occupied.
Mother uses interesting language.
My sister sits.
The social positioning of the entire family is strangely off and wierd.
I laugh.
Laughing can be hard for others to hear.
The human mind, fills in the blank.
Self infecting.
“He’s laughing at me”
We all think that.

7.45 sport.
Bottles of wine.
Meeting new people.
House parties.
Delicate glasses, changing how you are as a human being.
Fragile, small movements, precise motor functions become necessary drinking from the venetian glass.


Studied vs Lucky.

Banal. Success flying in the face of forthright inexhaustive enjoyment.

Big eyes.
Teeth shifting.
A shame, out of shape.
“The fitness, function and form are the base for the superstructure of cultural norm”.
The externally intrinsic.
Natural beauty.
Divide how you please.
You’ve lived this long and survived.
In for a penny, infor a pound.
Economics gone wrong.
This game of mine will take you for a ride.
You need to be this tall, with a life expansive time-line this wide.
Buckle up.
Knuckle down.
Take advice in your stride.
I’ll be next.
By your side.

Hold me beautiful.

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