A gentleman’s game

A code of honour.
If I live, i’ll kill you. If I die, I fogive you.
A deaf, mute and blind you will live your life in peace.

Pizza isn’t memory.
Food is energy.
Energy allows for experiences.
Don’t complain abou food.
If you were starving…
At another time…
That would be the best pizza you’ve ever eaten.
You will not recall it.
Your mundance complaints are worthless.
You will die and on your death bed you will not think of that pizza, nor any food I would think. You will die and nothing you have consumed will have mattered.

We can’t have sex.
I’m on my period.
What do I say to that?
“Why not”
Your answer is a chess move.
Their reaction will be affected by your answer.
Mirrors for answers.
“Are you not comfortable with blood? With mess? Your body? Are you not in the mood? Are you just informing me”
What a shame.

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