Please, please don’t touch me.
Don’t come near me.
Don’t look at me.
I’m not in the same mood as you.
I want to be here. But give me time.
Time to adjust.
I can’t function if we’re immediately thrown into this instance.
This mood.
I need space and time.
I don’t know why.
I haven’t exercised.
Its raining.
I’ve eaten too much.
I need to rest.
Reset my brain.
Resent myself. Slow moving. Not dangerous.
So self reflective. Reflexive.
Sore knee. Boring.
Sell myself for fish.
Opportunity cost.
Terms of trade. Glaze.
Glasses, rose tinted.
Expenses. Chocolate.
Be honest to your creativity – lady gaga.
Broader sense.
Travel. The world.
The need for money.
Shoe string budgets.
Strategic human resource management.
Credit where credit is due.
Hard work. Studying. Food.
Sitting, slouching, bodies built to move.
Energy. Energy. Self start.
run and run and run and tuna.
Fish. Sellfish.
You couldn’t read, spell or pronounce sorbet.
Sure bet. Sure but.
But. Soreburt. Scoreburnt.
As I get to know you my feelings mish mash.
Mix match. Miss mash. Miss match.
I don’t know.
I don’t know
I don’t know.

What are you thinking about?
I’m thinking about justifying being a vegitarian.
This food tastes LIKE meat.
Why do you replicate it?
Why is that important?
What am I missing?
Where am I trying to posture myself here.
Intellectual dissonance.
Watching educational videos.
Mathematics is not ready.
A moment in time.
Hungry for chocolate now.
Dieting another day.
Chips. No no no.
Another time? Buy chips for all.
Want mayo. Need chilli sauce. Salt! Yes please.
We all live long enough to see ourselves become hippos.
Hippys. Hypocrites. Critics. Morons. Idiots. Stupid, dumb
daft, dreadful, wasters, poison, angry, confused, tired, fat, slobbish, narrow minded, alone, sacrificial, worthless, dying, imprints and cutouts.
Wrung out.
Hanging. Dead.
Deathly, ghastly, mostly full, burdened, laden, wending, winding angry, painful, spitting, venomous, reliant, reptillain, coil, polio, sick, ill, will, fill, still, bill, duck, brill, drill still miss mill gill fist. gist. pissed.
Urine turbulence, turbine, natural oil and gasses. Gas like fuel for cars or cooking. Black pen. Puns. Work word jokes. Super likes. tinder feral tendancy.
More along than ever. Communication so so sos sosososososososoosoSOOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOS
S O S.! so so. save our souls. What souls? They aren’t real?
Nike advert. Its a joke about kids killing themselves. Its not funny.
I suppose its not a joke then. But it doesn’t stop it happening.
Communication is so difficult.
I find it hard to switch off. I don’t have the capacity sometimes to switch.
I’m in my world.
I have my ideas. My studies, my plans.
TIME TABLE. AGENDA. CUTE. fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou.

When is your book released? “excellent”.

So I didn’t get a parking ticket today.
I drove because I was too lazy to ask where the umbrellas were.
I got two blocks of chocolate that weren’t on special.
I defy you economics.
I defy you.

Her brain. On drugs.
Melbourne advice.
1000 pound bend. Best flatwhites on earth.

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