Idea for innovation

Thinking of a great app that links to google maps; that maps your spending.
Everything is attached to a postcode/true location. With each bank transaction it pins the map. Then between that spending and the next there is a line.
The line could be green, and would change a shade along the colour spectrum, or colour wheel with small increments.
So you start off green. You spend some cash. “Ping!” -Green dot.
Then the line travels to your next spend. The line tells you the time, date, and location and the colour changes by a small amount. “Ping (slightly lighter/darker green line & dot). This continues for a year’s worth of spending.
Its interesting.
This was sparked by the idea of a paper trail. Just how traceable are my movements.

On the proviso that I spend every night at my house.
What would the graph THEN look like, with the detour from spend to my house, onto the next spend.
The size of the dot could change with the size of the spend.
The colour of the line could change for the distance travelled or gradually throughout the time period.

So many different ways to map, tally and graph your spendings.
“The worm”.
Multi colours.
Representing ever increasing spending over a month on a certain good/service.
Monthly red blips for rent. Pulsing like a heart.
Regular weekly payments in yellow, making you feel sick and dead inside.
That night out, the electric, shocking spend. Jolting you to life, but ultimately a fizz-bang.
Investments. Miscellaneous. Colour changes. Debt. Savings.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to design those programs?
Yes, that would be great.

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