Crone the Crow

Croan. Crane. Cryin’. Crown.

You aren’t being a bad person. You’re just telling them how it is.
As an only child, you probably are selfish.

So it was just you. You, mum and dad.
You were the base, your father the walls and your mother filled this vessel with love. Filled it half full I hope.

Mother’s Day is the same in the USA.

What is Crohn’s Disease? I hope my friend’s mum is ok.
I mean, I know what it is vaguely. But the specifics I’m hazy at best.

Tall people, careersy! Success. Attraction. Sex.
Look out over a room of people. Desirable. Visionary.
Powerful. Sexy. “tall, dark and handsome”
What does tallness represent culturally?
What else do people associate with tallness?

Why is there short man’s syndrome and not all man syndrome?
Stoop no longer.

I struggled with writing capital ‘G’.

Families as a three (3) person structure.
Two parents and an only child.
A triangle. No strong.

Four; a square or rectangle. Asking for death or division.

Five is a home. Base, walls and a roof.

Plane cream cheese. Plain.

The soul!
Sociology, Psychology.
Its not a perfect science.
It lacks values sometimes.
Incorporeal! Ethereal even.

“People look strange”.
Those dogs look more normal than that woman.

I suppose so. But you have one pupil larger than the other and terrible scratchy auto immune diseased skin on your scalp.
I think I look weird.
I hate your leggings.
They are attention seeking, ugly, colourful, tragic, fashionless,
tasteless, impossible to accessorise with or match.
I’ve seen you without anything on.
I don’t care.
Naked is normal.
Anything else serves to be a detriment.

I am a Hypocrite.
A Hypocrite.
I’ve lived to see myself.
I look weird.
Self harm, hate, shout, scream,
grind teeth, haggard breaths, tired eyes,
puffy face, sweat soaked, struggling,
weak fisted, unresting, lost, angry, fearful,
incapable, turning, unseeing, fitful, pulsing,
sighing, insane, boring, tactless, primitive,
wordless, listless, fighting, pragmatic,
foiled, scared, living, forgetful, breathing,
drooling, raging, poor, questioning, Hypocrite.
And I’ll live long enough to deny it all and become something else, while still being all of this and so much more until I become nothing again.

The way people act in groups.
Having women for company.
Men for company.
The buck’s night effect.
The party effect
The hen’s night effect.
Evil intentions.
Backward views.
One on one – friend turned enemy.

Measuring things.
Like love.

Two lines over everything.
What I see.
And what you see.
What is truly real.
It’s there!
And what is viewed.

How different from your parents are you?

Expensive rice.

A trampoline in the middle of the ocean!

When do I find out if I got a scholarship approval?

Your ideas and models are sand,
scattered on a beach.

Your way in which you loosely explain information,
to assert control. Its flawed. Like you.

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