Mum and Dad.

It’s mums birthday.
I managed to make her cry over breakfast.
Looking back on what I wrote. I don’t think it was that personal or worthy.
56. The old duck. What a great birthday. What a gift, to have your family members rouse themselves and share a moment with you. Quality.

Mum is Di.
Dad is Jed.
JEDI. “May the fourth be with you”. I always thought that link was cute.

My friend Madeleine wrote a short story; here is a line from it that I really liked: “A woman’s pain, mother’s exhaustion, the cost of loving.”

Paul Kelly – Shakespeare’s sonnets. Seven & A Song.
Leunig cartoons + some photos.
Movies, series galore, chocolate, and socks.

All you need is cigarettes and money. What a terrible line.
Such destructive worthless pursuits.
Isn’t it strange that we aren’t taught about these things?
Their worth.
School isn’t where we learn the most about life.
We need to get that sort of education elsewhere.

When the eagles (how many syllables in Eagle)-
when they save the day. They are deeming the actions of man to be worthy.
To have value. To be worthwhile. Isn’t that nice.

Mitch is in town.
Naturally he’d like to catch up.
Humm, if I get this assignment done today I’m free Thursday+Friday.
Something to nut out. Better get into gear.

6.30-11.30 5
6.30-11.30 5
8.30-12.30 4
8.00-12.30 4.5

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