You can do whatever you like.

You can.
I don’t let you.
You were born with it.
Share not with me.
I don’t need to know.
Please darling.
Stop this.
Can’t you see.
That you’re well and truly free.
No need for exchange.
I don’t need your information.
This constant stream.
You don’t have to ask permission.
Why are you angry?
How can you be scared!
Fearful, anxious or angry at my ways.
I am me, I do as I please.
I govern myself as best I can.
Setting expectations.
Writing lists.
Achieving things.
Doing as I see fit.
My mum’s birthday tomorrow.
I think I’ll put energy into that.
Yes I will. Nobody can stop me.
Great. Done.

Today has been a long long day.
Work at 6.30. Uni at 11.
Home, jogging, feeling strong. Tomorrow I will awake early and get straight to it.

Happy 56th mumma bear!
Jolly good show.
Now study. Assignment to do.
Then rewards.
Yes. Excellent.
A grand plan.

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