Two jobs

Do they make you happy?
Are you rewarded? With your two jobs.
The time you spend doing those things.
Is it worth it?
Do you value time spent at work?
I need new black clothes.
I need a new pair of black shoes.
It will be cold and raining soon.
I need a waterproof bag.
A towel. The right shoes.
Clothes. All that washing.
The stress. What are the perks?
Who are the people?
And you’re just smashing out coffee.
Working at the bottle shop?
People. Love the people.
And wine. Wine-not.
That’s the spirit.
Beers and cheers.

My heartbeat was 52 beats per minute.
97/50 was my blood pressure. 2nd of April. 15:05. 2016.

Ma-mite. (MARMITE)
Pa-will. (VEGEMITE)

The judging seagull. Wanting your food. Cursing you.
Not “you”
Me. Me and everyone. Because I feel others have felt how I feel.
Its confusing and annoying and a bad habit, the way that I sometimes talk like that. Bad bad bad.
The judging seagull- don’t worry, I’ll outlive that seagull, life, is memory is history, is all that matters.

SURPRISE. 01:32. 24March. 2016
“are you mad at me?”
“I wish I could be”

Belief, willpower & leadership

I don’t know either.
I don’t neither.
I don’t kn’either

Names of bartenders at “Shambles” Brewery/Pub
Jack. Anne-Marie


Donate Blood.
Get a blood test
Find table tennis bats and balls
Look up marathon dates.
Look up uni games

“Personify A any soluble exchange.”

When the most nutritious diet is lacking.
“I WANT to hide, make easy”

“Because I always selfishly wondered how she fared.”

“Jet-styah” – Gesture.
Boddle – bottle
Warda – water
waddaya – what are you
d’morro – tomorrow
twenny – twenty

“Knock Knock”
Who’s there?
To who?

The disruption of a thoughtful rejection of music. (I drop my glass).
March 20, 00:56. 2016


Giant cooked snake egg.

Scott Carrier – Rebel Yell

The most approachable girl in the room.
-Am I the only one?
(For now) *I think to myself*
-Pray, yes. That is all I wished for.

Steam punk.
I looked up.
Thought about it
Saw elephants.
And drew it.
Get me?
March 19th. 1:14. 2016

*looke at the ‘e’ on the end of cat. Wild, crazy me-e-e-e!
March 18th. 23:48. 2016. (I did accents that night: Italian love)

Apply for jobs. Blacche boring notes.
Drop off resume’s at bookstores. March 15th. 23:03. 2016

Write Alex’s Character.
Write Lindsay’s Character.

I feel like the people I know are either out looking for ‘the one’ to get married, or on a slalom to suicide.

Young Sung. – asian guy – french class.

I forget if i’ve written this already. I think I’ll write it again and delete it now. Heh.


Struth; olive skin, globes for eyes and dark features. She lay. Crumpled, the black slip dress she wore covered he slim frame to the middle of her thighs. Her curves shone, swimming in the silk of her fabric. Hair, tucked to one side, behind her ear on one side, mouth pressed into a smile on a pleased and pretty face. Proportions. Proportions. Proportions. She lay. Perfect. One shoulder, exposed. You know. Modest, a glaring pristine and her paler skin revealed. To stare was to feel need.
She. Thought. Of. Nothing. She lay. Content. Personality-less-ness, was my and her, own destruction.

B – P
P – Pee
B – Bee
P – P-huh
B – Bu-ee

“My brilliant career” 3rd of March. 2016. 12:02
The smoking generation spurs from the uncomfortable silence.

English: Reading Journal. Romance… Thriller! Fantasy?

Wear all black. Dye your hair blonde.
Be thin. Have blue eyes.
A black shawl. Skinny jeans. Boots.
Airy. Tall. Wide, round eyes.
Thin lips. Simple, silver+black earrings.
Wavy hair. Car waiting to whisk you away.
Into the good-night.

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