“who feels really good after a shit?”
I asked this because I’ve been slowly coming to understand and experience just how much digestion plays a part in my general mood.
So I ask. Right?

Its a bit toilet/humour(y). But I think its valid. I ask it seriously.
It also makes me thing of two really good friends of mine from the past.
Seth and Trav. I don’t see either of them so much any more.
Trav lives in Melboure, works a desk job and is halfway married to a lovely lady.
She doesn’t talk much, or laugh at my jokes. You can keep her mate. (what a horrible thing to impose) Shame on me.
Seth is studying in Europe.
They both talked about being effected by coffee and how good it was going to the toilet in the morning. Strange. They were both very skinny.
I’m a different body shape to those cats. Butt, recently I know where they’re coming from. And they weren’t just talking out their asses.
So I asked some other friends.
One said he liked going to the toilet. Regardless of it being 1 or 2.
He just liked the rest and respite.
“time in lieu” I said.

We lost the train of thought sadly. So we’ll never know how the other feel.
unless I ask them and get back to this.
Today I worked.

The cafe Harbour Lights. Its busy. Hunched over the machine; wrecking shots.
No purge (which is grim). But the wands are good. I just need to hone in on finding a perfect shot. And not cooking so much milk and it’ll be happy days.
See how the pay is. See if I can balance my Work/School/Life.

Live, learn, love. Pray my friend. Be happy. You choose to get out of bed remember. So it is most important for me to say as I always say.

“You make the bed you sleep in”


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