The moments answer

Mindfulness. What’s the point?
Shouldn’t you be ahead of that? Beyond that already?
Aren’t you severely mindful in your breakaway teenage years? Look what happened then.

I suggest that you try to attain the daily goal of a child at play.
Lost in whatever it is you are doing. It should be what you want.
Despair, thoughtfulness is time spent in distraction, the past or the future.
Focus is a high minded, nourished mind.
Reflections are important.
As is foresight.
But for the most part you will be the reflection of your child at play.
Try not to burn yourself out.
You know what a wave looks like. Ebb and flow.
Wind on sand, on clouds on desserts, up hill struggles, falling down, sinking.
Dips, troughs. Down down down. Toward death. Don’t despair, put on a brave face. Suppress, hide valiantly, forget, be at peace, enjoy the downward journey, the good of day to day is more enjoyable that way. Smile at the ease of your descent. In your old age you may embrace a different philosophy. Cope how you wish. I hope your eyes sparkle like they do now. Bright eyed. A switched on brain. “lit up”. We all know what that means, vaguely.
Bright eyes, bright mind. Sharp. Perhaps not, case studies are needed.
Maybe its just plumage. Nice feathers. So unique. Love me.

Where do we store love?
Is love real?
Like a LSD, can you have a love flashback?
Where is your love?
In your spine? Brain? Fat? Muscles?
The love muscle.
Organ. L’organ. Male, female.
Tubes and pipes.
Pipes, pins, rigs, cans, gun.
Core. Do you love me to your core?

If faced with a choice of dying, or not dying what would you choose?
It would be hard to choose because your life is in your hands.
Flight principle. Gunned down.
Fight principle. Impossible.
You aren’t thinking clearly.
You walk, you nod, say little. You don’t die.
Others die.
What did they do to deserve that?
Don’t think about it. Don’t poke holes.
Put your pencil away.
Be you the child, the child at play.

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