Ah crap

Rain tomorrow, all this delux weather.
I wonder.
Leaves rained down from the trees.
Rain, hail, snow, sleet and ice.
Then sprouted green from ground to eaves,
Back again the sun, smiles, fun, wine and cheese.

Love yourself.
Self love.
Not a bad idea. But there is a line.
Something to look into. “when she said are you listening to me”
I think often about how I can be a dreamer.
How I can block others out. Be caught in my own thoughts.
Other people don’t like that. Don’t envy that. Not surprising really.

Anyway. Self love.
Orgasms. Self. Understanding.
Finding out about your body.
Treating yourself.
Food. Fun. Friends. Fucking.
Not being afraid, to experience new things.
Allowing yourself to relax.
To switch off.
To tout your one life, beneath the covers or sitting back in a chair.
Recline. Relax. relax. relax really. Real.
Unfocus your mind.
Chill. Be spontaneous.
Listen closely.
Read closely.
Focus now. Look at the book shelf. All those novels you haven’t read.
Grab a few, put them next to your bed. And go about all the other things you should be doing. haha.
Procrastinate away. Ofcourse. Don’t read. Heaven forbid you educate yourself.
Games games games we play.
Wealthy people. Skilled and otherwise.
Strong and weak.
Experienced and wasted.

Think about all the evenings.
Drunk here, drunk there. Not too wasted;
just distracted. One night, so many venues.
Guided by the stars.
I start. Remembering little.
remind me. Revoke me.
Love me. Stroke me.

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