Game of thrones is out.
The title is a reference to x-files.
I have many things to do.
I fear meeting up with my girlfriend today.
I don’t want to talk about how she’s be horrible.
How I feel about love.
And how I don’t feel like i’m in love with her.
How I’m only looking to have a good time.
It will be easiest to apologise.
Hopefully it doesn’t just sit between us.
All I want to do is sit in a hot room and sweat this afternoon.
Reward myself with a relaxing time.
Tomorrow I have an easy class of OB.
I’ve written my draft, I am on top of things there.
English, less so. Its a difficult area.
I need to do some reading and writing.
Economics, here and there.
My general understanding is weak.
I need to perform a little more.
Go back to basics.
Revise the first two chapeters maybe.
I have a test next week.

I’ve applied for a job, but Robbie still hasn’t got back to me.
I will apply for scholarships. That will something to look into on Thursday/Friday.

I wonder what it’s like to be an actor.
To draw on emotions.
I need to jog.
Pushups, situps.
Rest. Relax. Have coffee. Be the best version of myself.
Puffy faced. Tired. Outgoing. Drugged up.
Chitter chatter.
Test positive.
Good test.
Bad test.
Failed test.
Not as hot today as I expected.
Moment’s blank. Weather.
Weather weather weather.

Clouds! Aasha, said that sometimes the smattering of clouds resembles the receded effects of the water on sand. Water on sand.
The wind on sand.
Wind on sand and wind on clouds.
High up. High high high.
Way up.
Clouds, water, evaporated.
From where? Which source?
Pure? Is evaporation a purifying mechanism?
What happens to chemicals like chlorine? or an acid?
Dirt? Muddy water? Salt water? Fresh water?
How do they evaporate?
How are they effected by the wind? How far are they blown before they rain down?
Why do they rain down? How are the caught in our atmosphere?
Does gravity play a part?
How does oxygen stay. Why aren’t there moments of un-dispersed oxygen.
Deadzones. Patches. How is it that the bonds link.

Don’t you think mouths are strange. Where they lead.
Voices and food and breath emanate and are taken.
Swallow a bug.
Yodel. yell, spit, suck, bite, grind, exhale, yawn.

Lose your jaw.
Your jaw fell off.
You are just a top pair of chompers and a throat.

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