I saw my aunties today.
They love their fads.
What’s the difference between a fad and a skill?

Chill. Ahh, the eye of the storm.
Relationships aren’t a house of cards.
They aren’t pick up sticks.
They can be exclusive.
They add. They shouldn’t subtract.
Challenge. Comfort is a sin in so many instances.

Who brought curry here, within smelling distance.
I am distracted. I have done the wrong work.
Again. The things I should read.
The infomation I should be absorbing.
Distraction. Hunger. Horrible.
Dry lips.

People in relationships.
though a little bit of overlap is undeniable,
codependency at any level shouldn’t hinder a person’s ambition.

How expensive are kids?
Are they taxing?
Do they steal your mind, to exhaustive levels?
Talking, always talking.
Dreaming, growing, eating, untoilet-trained.
Hungry, crying, wanting, needing.
Attention, hair, teeth, mess.
Late nights. Terrors. Worries. A cold,
a cough. A FALL. A bad sprain. A cut. A bruise.
Mum, dad. Mum. DAD. MUM.
Social, emotional, monetary, physical stresses.
Worries and fears. Ideals and education.
Lack of practice. Inability to answer.
Loss of experience. Irrationality.
Worry. Direction. Horrible words.
Anger. Frustration.
Velcro. Safety. Budgets

Kids. Kids on a shoestring.

Smart people, are dumb people.
Looking at people. In this instance,
humanity forgets how unimportant it is.
You are observing people? Why?
You’re a smart person, look elsewhere.
Fun resides under rocks when you are young.
Look up, look up, look out.


I’m tired of eating chicken and duck.
Lets change it up. What can we domesticate.
What can we eat? Avian variety food.



Domesticated crows? (fuck no, crazy lady gone too far)
-too smart. too… evil. It’d be like Terminator, although sky net would be evil fucking birds that are smart enough to take over the world.
Look at those calculating yellow eyes.
One day breeding those, you’re a gonner. Swarmed. Pecked to death.
Carrion in no time.

mexican comedian “fluffy”
“the brain that changes”

Looking at the book case is inspiring.
“we have so many books, so many i’d like to read”
Better go and do all those other things first though.

My life, so much of the time.

What do old people get up stairs on? Chair lifty things?

Buy a tree.
I’m second year geophysics. I know what gravity is.

Steve – take car to the garage this thursday

Girl in my English class her name is georgia.

Sophie – European lady, Blonde.
Works at the New Sydney.

Buy spray paint.
Buy swimming shorts.

BUT WHY, why buy this shit? I have swimming shorts? And i’m still not motivated to go to the pool. Even thought its free. What the actual fuck is wrong with me?

Asking my Korean friend if he can read Japanses. You’re rolling the dice.
Not thinking straight. Uninformed. Presuming. It affects me. I don’t like it.

Music: Ray La Montage.

Cigarettes after sex.

Camera (macro lense)
Propensity up high.
Upgrade blog.


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