La lutte

The fight we have is outside of our characters.

Give self love.

Discard frenemies.

Write postcards and send them the next day after reading over what you have written.
You must be your own strength. Your own best friend. You are inertia. Action. Ability. Capable of anything in your long life.

On an ordinary day you can achieve a small amount. But this will build the basis.
The launch pad. The foundation. For your pyramid. Your skyscraper. Your rocket ship.
Your diving board. Stairway. Your bunker. Your home. Your life.

Getting car serviced today.
Energy levels have been up and down for me personally.
I have class in a few minutes.

Je suis Charlie!

I had a dream that I went to soccer training and I was playing left back.
Hugh Ludford was there. I never chased into the back post.
I was always so unlucky. The one time I didn’t chase in, the ball would go there.
It killed me. Sniff was there. I remember him pinning me down infront of the the team, I wasn’t wearing a shirt. And he vomited on me. It was yellow and warm and chunky. I wasn’t disgusted. I was powerless, confused and embarrased. The mood of others was similar. I think they were all wondering what i’d done. But were relieved, happy that it was me, and not them.

I woke up.

I have been sleeping quite well. Dreams are strange.

Robbie, could be my boss at Harbour Lights. He’s short, and seems cheerful enough. A well run business. Not cool. No, no, no. Not at all. But its a paying job. Take what you can get. Huh.

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