So down.

Flat this evening.

You’re version of romance doesn’t cut it.
My energy was way down.
What people would expect from me, off.
The expectations that I have of everyone else, troubling.
I hug you as you cry, one big red button.
Pushed to cracking point. Tears.
A shudder. Shhhh, a shudder.
Why are you so sensitive?

Tomorrow, due dates.
Many things to consider. My brain, numb.
Lacking the will, want and ability to soak up things.
Trash! Due dates. Percentages.
I need to be smart.
Lecture, recording.
If I just focus on my work. All will be ok.

Tomorrow, Pass.
Break, work, tests.
Smart plan.
ok. I can do it.

Nice one liquorice.

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