“Whatnot” – Quite an funny saying.
What does it mean? Anything aforementioned, however communication recylclement in this case does not stand. We sit around, saying the same whatnot.

Assignment is going well.

Breakfast this morning was nice.

I had sex.

I ate figs.

Robot heart, burning man.

I wanted to say something, something unlike myself, share, it would have taken courage and put me on the spot; thrown me completely.
Megan laughed, and laughed.
It was like a sign. A message. A mood. A strange conscionable psychological state, or occurrence.

Now for me polish. I’ll eat later. Work later.
Talk about Canada, Ottawa.
Plan, map, get excited.

Yes. all all all all all all all all all.

“haha I totally lied about 6.30. Haven’t even left uni to go home and get my running kit. (but lets pretend what I just wrote wasn’t in your understanding right). Instead I just said. I’m going to be 10 minutes late… RIGHT [following me so far[

And then, I leave now, hop on my bike and ride to your for some tea. I tell you literally nothing, because all i’ve been doing is uni. Then I stand around awkwardly, thinking about uni. You tell me about your day. I ask just the right amount of questions. Then you try to seduce me, I have a cup of tea and tell you I need to get back home for dinner.

But I suppose I don’t. I mean… I should, there is ALOT i should be doing, that is all well and truly in the forefront of my mind. So it takes A LOT of work by you, I say the wrong thing, often, because I have a lot on my plate and i’m doing what I shouldn’t be (by seeing you) and still having half my brain focussing on elsewhere. I think about tomorrow and how it’s really only half a day of study.

The proof reading I should be doing, the reading of a book, the french assignment, the bad news about Canada that I haven’t told you yet, the fact that I haven’t been for a run, my low phone battery, the lack of sun i’ve got today, the omega 3 tablets i’ve been taking that are 4 years out of date, my silly diet. The pressure leftovers in my fridge, and the overbearing inevitable heat death of the universe. ”

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