All you need.

Oh honey,
that’s all you need.
Just money,
and the tobacco weed.

Also, water your plants.
and love. -yeah- you need love

My mum the crucial, cameo of hippy antics.
Class. All class.
In session.

Jack Kerouac reached someone atleast.
“Jeez I was so beat”
“yeah, beat, like beat-beat. Beatnik AF”
Walking around what… Boston and picking up cigarette butts? Strange.

EDWARD SNOWBALL: Say’s “That’s it” often. I say something, he say’s “that’s it”

Yeah man, sure. That’s just the thing, isn’t it (Great query). Round about ambiguous sentences. Message received!


I have my fears,
Frightened I am.
Is she the one,
Is all this a waste.
The sticky black spot in my mind.
Old gum, trod black in the corner.
Or is it manure?
Shit, human? dog? Excrement.
Like my fears. I don’t know.
I hug and hold myself. My-
personified reservation.
Mouth; rectum.
From where?
I know not.

Cigarettes after sex – Affection.


I truncated.

Hailed, for help.

Bailed my tears.
Bottled, bottled
In old beers

Drink me in.
Eyes glassy.
Still full, you see.
I see double.

Knife edge, hurt.
He squeezed a nail.
Palmed it.
Focussed on the pain.

Soaked shirt
The full pale.
Bloody lip-bit.
Bugged, softly wail.

What IS that?

Melted gumboot face.

Why is a crunchy apple more enjoyable than a floury apple?
How do we associate texture and pleasantness?
Are flavours, preferences inherent?
Innate? Do we learn and associate goodness in all things?


Lamingtons are better than scones. Discuss.
lamination is settled with bones.

Crockery, What a crock’a.

And look,
And look again.
Do you believe in “love” at first sight?
Cliche is all dried up I suppose.
My heart’s still beating.
It won’t forever.
Hold me.
Can we least of all, explore the idea?
Pull the shades.
Flick the blinds.
Fluttering lids.
My mind a whirrr.
Mind blender.

Its a bad habit.

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