Today I practiced french, with friendlies from my class.
Where normallemnt je flounder, m’arrete on my arse.

I try to break a smile,
Admitt struggles as they come
But truly they’re a many
Tough to struggle on just one.

In a hay stack.
As easy as “hey I need help”
I cant progress, by myself
Can you listen.

Self loating is a power,
Awareness is our sin.
Life and love deflowered
Put me in the bin

Wearing my sporting gear,
Hot girl lend an ear
The value of a beer
Away true north steers.

Milo over there
Coffee on the table
Large cups are where?
Simulants make me able

Find and each
whore, reach; peach
Your realism.

Do you like sports?
Running, flirting, dancing.
How’s your bowl of cereal?
Stagnation serial stapling.

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