Brush your teeth

Brush your teeth because, they matter.
Limit all that eating, whole platter.
The last in line, come latter.
Waist line waste or get fatter.

Today I woke,
next beautiful miss.
This no joke,
Hug and kiss.

The declaration,
I tell no lie.
First and foremost.
And I wondered why.

Tis, its because.
Everything that follows.
Could all be hung-
At tomorrow’s gallows.

So tell I the truth,
And listen close.
Next her, in youth
Is current boast.

Young and dumb
And filled with cum.
Disgusting saying,
For all our playing.

I’ve no regret,
for thinking such.
In youth, experience
Counts for much.

In age, time passed.
With time to think
From life’s tasks,
Rest and drink.

“all those girls
I used to know…
Like a fool, I
aye let them all go”

-Everybody’s gotta cut something.-

Paul Kelly. Bob Dylan.
Men, not hardly in my life,
but a life not without influences.
Poets and the lucky.

The glasses,
tinted just so.
Hold your knowledge,
experience over people.

-or under them.

She. Oh she.
She did me.
One, two, three.
Us, just… be

Just? Femme fatal.

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