Mental notes

You are the girl,
Of my dreams
Giving gifts a whirl
Belated Easter themes

Chrushed up chocolate
Wrappers shine bright
Crumbled rotted,’fetted liquid molten hate
Glow of aluminum
I feel numb
A pheonix!
Hatches from the egg,
I didn’t get you.
Until it was half price the days
Procceeding easter.
Imbalance. Where are my gifts? What’s wrong with me.
Why do i reflect such a tarnished view.
Today, mornings. Stoic.
Don’t, please don’t. JUST don’t talk to me.
Because i’m filled.
I’ve taken negativity inside myself and i’m ready to share.
To burst open.
The cracks appear.
My silent visage. Head lowered.
I’m sorry, why can’t you make me better?
Stir the pot. Touch. Feel. Read my mind.
Show me something, surprise me.
My mind bobs, floats, fully aware of posibilities,
Options and opportunites.
The sun, glints off the wrappers.
Like christmas lights.
The day has turned around, its still winds.
The molten chocolate sets.
No pheonix will rise from these ashes.
The chink-crinkle of wrappers.

“As long as you’re doing something”
!what a strange saying come-philosophy.

Short term goal, get in the dictionary.
Sexual expectations;

Movie to see: The Metropolis.

A beautiful hai-ku.

My bedroom in, spring
a volcano of clothing.
What will summer bring?

Buying vinyls? That’s stupid. They don’t fit in my discman.

Buy dad a crowbar.
Why are they called crow bars?!

Mt William National Park, Poem.

Blue split green
From bearded trees
Toward other scene

Ferns with fleas
Beams and boles
Foliage scree
The plain unfolds

Soaring bird
Wheeling and waving
The message heard
Wasps, wasps raving

Harmony we relax
In nature all alone
Just us and our packs
‘Til tourist ring their phone

Imagine becoming massive
Food-fuel. Eat and eat. Grow huge
Exercise a lot,
Snap people like branches With feet, shin or over your knee.

What makes shells? Do they just grow?

What classifies a mountain?

“Get shucked”- what’s the reference?

Ceased, siezed, creased, salad. The czar’s finger.
Caesar? July, August. Months to remember.

Smiling on a bike as you ride past walkers, is like shouting from a moving car. Cowardice trumps courage so much of the time. To say hello to someone you truly want to spend energy on and with, this is the honesty we fear.

We fear our own hairstyle (autocorrect of honesty) haha

Is the word “crazy” sexist?
The term is a simplified, putdown
Hysteria knockoff.

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