Treasure, treasure.
Treasure these times.
The time spent making,
cooking up clues.
Being a pirate

With Red Beards
Peg leg and parrot
No need for shoes

Scurvy and topsy turvy,
Eye patch and all.
Like humpty dumpty,
Ready to fall.

Egg here and eggs there.
Maps and stealing,
Swashbuckling flare.
All double dealing,

Asking for trouble.
Drinking all night
Rough morning stubble,
bringing fright, not delight.

Poor one eyed sight.
at the glare of the light.

Blinded was he,
ship’s sailed-
water baled
Sails fled on bold tree.

But pirates fear not,
Twinkling eyes see it all.
As clear as a shot!
Follows he to your call.

Yee safety marked cove
Was a giant black ‘X’
That swash-buckler clove
Cutlass to necks.

Cannon ball fire,
Leaves fodder to float.
Walk planks of tight wire
From boat to boat.

No pirate ever,
goes down with the ship
Davey Joney clever,
His toes never dip.

Ship shape and drunk.
Jolly coins all spent.
rocking his bunk,
gambling gold he was leant.

Red Beards crush,
The teeth of the world,
Bubbled waters hush
As his blanket is curled.

Stains, grunts, drool,
Make rocking nights.
Memories of-fools,
and victorious fights.

Eyeglass and wheel
Forged captain rank.
Temper stolen steel,
Taken to-bank.

Blooded and mad,
Is he always
Fine buttoned sad,
Dandy that pays.

Rollicking royal thats-
Run off his mouth.
Shipwrecks and hats
up from down south.

Compass and anchoring.
Crow nest and luck.
These all give hankering
Pirates privates amuck.

To brothels and beaches.
Fine wenches ‘out breachers.
Who to whom teaches.
And teachers our preachers.

And so.
and so.
There pirate go.
Sing songs for these good times.
And ho-a-ho

Redbeard’s memory lives on.
Easter, although belated – was a great success.

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